delagar said...

Oh, me! Me! Pick me! I can answer this one!

CharlieE said...

What happened? She got 3 million more votes than her incompetent opponent.

Anonymous said...

"Sir, Vladimir Putin on line one."

ferschitz said...

From the rumor mill - take with a pallet of salt - I have heard that Bill was really pushing for Hillary to do more campaign rallies in the Rust Belt, in particular, PA, MI and WI. Campaign advisor Robby Mook & Clinton, herself, refused, choosing rather to campaign for suburban Republican votes. Clinton did gain some of those, but not enough to win the Electoral College.

I contend that Clinton ran a lousy campaign. I'm still not convinced that Putin/Russia had that much to do - if anything - with why Clinton lost the EC.

So if rumors are correct, if Hillary had listened to her husband, then she would more likely be in the White House today. If anything, Obama's support (and that of his wife) were a positive. Hillary should have held more campaign rallies in the Rust Belt and outlined her programs more directly to those voters there. Unless or until the Democratic party can pull its socks up and decide to, you know, actually represent the 99%, rather than just Wall St and the Banks, the kind of "victory" we saw this year - where the Rs decimated the Ds nationally and locally - will continue.

I am former long long time Democrat, who's pretty much disgusted with the Democratic party. Bernie Sanders should have been the D nominee, imo, and the Wikileaks emails prove the dirty tricks that Clinton played to make sure he didn't get it. If that's Putin's alleged "fault," then so be it - but read those emails and see how the Clintons behaved. Do you really want them to be the White House? I don't.

Trump's a disaster, but the D party would be well advised to take responsibility for THEIR actions. This Russia McCarthyite bs is a big shiny distraction imo. And while we're all distracted by Russia! Russia! Russia!!!! what are the Ds DOING to counteract what Trump's doing?? Pay attention to what's important.

Randall Delgado said...

I've noticed that Bill is not looking too great these days. Every time I see him on TV he has his mouth wide open, like an old man. He's thin as a rail and shakes; rumors are that he is in the first or second stage of Parkinson's.

Hillary is not looking great, either. That whole incident of her fainting while getting into that SUV during the campaign did a lot of harm, as people began to wonder if she truly had an underlying medical condition.

Frankly, the above commentator is correct, the Democratic Party desperately needs new leadership, but not that old man Bernie. I'd like to see Bill and Hillary just ride off into the sunset, and if they could take Pelosi along with them, that would suit me just fine.

The Democratic Party has me disillusioned, big time.

Anonymous said...

Oh please. FDR ran the whole New Deal and won WW2 from a wheelchair. All this health worrying about the Clintons is a bunch of bull, especially when Trump is older, obese and mentally unhinged.

And there's plenty of young energy in the Democratic Party, both the base and leadership. It's the one positive thing that Trump has inspired.

Hooray4US said...

I wouldn't mind that "old man Bernie" running again, albeit I'd love to see more D leadership that's younger but also as active and engaged as Sanders is. Sanders is really doing a good job right trying push for the rights the entire 99%, rather than just the upper 10%, which is what I see most of the rest of the Ds "representing."

I agree with Randall. I love to see the last of horrible Nancy Pelosi, not to mention that Gorgon DiFi.

Obama is responsible for kicking Howard Dean & his 50 State strategy to the curb... you know, that 50 state strategy that got Obama elected. The D's have now suitably restrained Dean from representing the 99%; he's a BigIns (I think) lobbyist.

Notice that the D party really has no ground game out in the States, much less at the local level. Why is that so? Could it be that the entrenched Old Guard simply don't want to share the gravy train of payola that's rewarded them so handsomely??

I say: don't give up on Sanders. But yes, newer, younger blood would be nice. Do what you can at your local level to elect good people who hopefully won't become ridicously greedy and compromised.

Anonymous said...

Human beings are greedy by nature.

Anonymous said...

Some humans are greedier and more predatory. Not every single politician out there is an insane greed head, but I agree that it's hard to find someone even semi-honorable.

I give no one a pass. I think we can do better, or at least, I hope so.

Anonymous said...

There are politicians and then there are statesmen.

Very few of the latter. Far too many of the former.

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