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Subject: The Gipper on meeting Trump...


Anonymous said...


He may be president, but he'll never be presidential.

delagar said...

Once again, RWD does not care about facts, evidence, or truth. It's BS all the way down.

CharlieE said...

Ronald Reagan often told stories that weren't true, such as the story about the man on Social Security who allegedly sent his check back to the government to help lower the national debt.

Ronald Reagan thought trees caused more pollution than cars.

Ronald Reagan once greeted a member of his own Cabinet by saying, "Pleased to meet you, Mr. Mayor. How are things in your city?"

Ronald Reagan was senile, even in his first term.

Even if his comment about Trump were true, so what? It's a comment from a man who was suffering from dementia.

Randall Delgado said...

I think Ronnie had Alzheimer's, not dementia.

In his first term, his mind was functioning pretty darn well and he restored a much needed feeling of patriotism, given the whole Carter Administration debacle.

By his second term, poor Nancy had her hands full and was having to prode him and remind him of his words during speeches and meetings, etc.

Alzheimer's is a very cruel disease. My father died of Alzheimer's, and it was a long and sad goodbye. Like a candle slowly withering away.

It's in poor taste, imho, to ridicule Saint Ronnie of the Rayguns because of his disease.

ferschitz said...

My father also had Alzheimers. I don't think anyone here is ridiculing Reagan. Rather they're pointing out evidence of his mental decline while in office. It is sad, and I have compassion for him. But pretending that Reagan didn't have Alzheimers while in office - which my Republican family did - is quite ridiculous.

Yeah, Reagan stirred up patriotism, but to what effect? Reagan marks the beginning of the long slow decline for the middle and working classes in this country. Supply side/trickle down economic policies implemented under Reagan resulted in the beginning of the great transfer of wealth from the middle and working classes to the 1%. Wages have stagnated ever since, while millions of good-paying US jobs began their slow off-shoring process.

No love lost on my part vis Reagan. Whoever was running his administration and policies did US citizens, including Reagan's most fervid fans, no favors.

I have no doubt that Reagan never ever claimed that Trump was Presidential when he met him.

This bit of lying doggeral brought to you by the same thieving duplicitous crooks who brought you the Iran-Contra scandal. Ptoui!

Duly noted how the propaganda wurlitizer amps the volume by 100% to make RWD believe absolute effen nonsense.

Anonymous said...

In his first term, his mind was functioning pretty darn well and he restored a much needed feeling of patriotism, given the whole Carter Administration debacle.

What a steaming load. Anyone who needed Reagan's lies in order to feel "patriotic" again was no fucking patriot to begin with.

delagar said...

The worship of Reagan we see coming from the Right is just more historical revisionism -- or to put it more clearly, more of their dedication to militant ignorance.

One of the worst presidents of the modern era, the damage he did to America is still being felt.

Anonymous said...

Reagan was a truly awful president and his administration was THE most scandal-ridden in history, with the investigation, indictment, or conviction of 138 officials.

Hooray4US said...

No love lost on Reagan, who was a disaster, imo. Ginning up feel-good "patriotism" for what purpose? To have us all look at the ridiculous "shining city on a hill" all while massively reducing taxes on the super wealthy, while raising MY taxes (really)? NO thanks. To have us all believing in American excepshunalism, while the CIA runs drugs and guns in Central America and sells them to the gangs in the USA?

Reagan started us on the road that led exactly to King Douchebag Donnie being in office. Thanks for nothing.

No Reagan didn't tell Trump that he was Presidential, but RWD has been so addled by this kind of bs propaganda since the days of Reagan - who killed the Fairness Doctrine, which led to the rise of Fox, Hate Radio and all the rest of the hate-filled rightwing media - that it's no wonder that RWD believes nonsensical crap like this. It fits right into the worshipping Zombie Reagan playbook.


Liberal Gunner said...

Carter was terrific. Too bad he didn't get a second term, as he did a bang up job.

Liberal Gunner

Anonymous said...

What a crock. The Reagan's hated the great orange demagogue.

In 1983 Reagan gave a flat "No!" to a Trump request for a presidential telegram - a simple telegram! - congratulating Trump on the grand opening of his shitty tower on Fifth Avenue.

In 1984 Trump requested that Reagan attend a gala to honor Vietnam veterans. Reagan said no. To a gala for veterans! Because of Trump.

In 1986 Trump sent a letter to Nancy Reagan inviting her to stay at his shitty Mar-a-Lago property. Nancy Reagan replied, "Thanks-but-no-thanks", you despicable shit she didn't add.

In 1988 the New York Board of Trade asked if Reagan could attend where Trump was gong to be recognized. It was immediately ignored.

In 1988 Trump sent a glossy pink invitation to Reagan inviting the president and first lady to an 11 p.m. LaToya Jackson concert at his Atlantic City casino. A casino! Totally ignored again! You'd think he'd get the hint.

Reagan's son Ron, and his very conservative adopted son Michael, said their father and mother would never "tarnish" themselves by associating themselves at all with Trump.


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