Dick Morris

Subject: FW: Dick Morris

Check it out….Morris virtually lived with the Clintons!

You will never see these facts in the newspaper or on the news.  What a shame?

Subject: FW: Dick Morris

Dick Morris just unleashed a big can of whoop ass on Bill and Hillary in this video that has now gone viral. 
Watch as he completely destroys every lie that Bill made about Hillary during his speech at the DNC the other night:


gruaud said...

The guy who resigned in disgrace and has spent the rest of his life attacking the people who gave him his start in politics in the first place? The guy who essentially invented that DNC triangulating bullshit in the 90's and now comes out as a teabagging republican?

That guy?

Yeah, that's credible.

CharlieE said...

Two things:

1. Dick Morris is rivaled only by Bill Kristol when it comes to the title of Pundit Who Is Most Often Wrong About Everything. If Morris tells you it's going to be sunny today, be sure to grab your umbrella.

2. Does Whoop Ass come in any packaging besides cans? And is it Amazon Prime eligible?

Paul said...

Dick Morris is like that crazy uncle who comes to all the family barbecues and corners you with his "truths". After 30 seconds of this guy I had no idea what he was talking about or what his point was. Take a breath once in a while, dude.

RUKidding said...

Dick Morris pays prostitutes to suck their toes. I'm not even sure that he's competent at doing that. I should waste my valuable time listening to this jackass why??

Yeah No.

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