BLACKS OPINION OF GUN CONTROL. Please don't miss this one folks. it's eye opening.

The administration will have to step back and try to find a way out of
this one?

If this doesn't say it, nothing will.  Amazing NRA Support from where
you'd least expect it.

Obama did not see this coming — so please pass it on quickly as it will
most likely be pulled and deleted.


Anonymous said...

Complete and utter bullshit.

gruaud said...

Well, coming from Alford, this is not surprising.

He's a wealthy, corporations over citizens type. Conservatives can't be so naïve as to think that profits can't turn blacks to the dark side along with their white counterparts.

Anonymous said...

Yes the video has been up for 3+ years so hurry up and pass it on before it is pulled and deleted by Obama!!!11

CharlieE said...

It's a wonder President Obama has been able to do anything over the past 8 years, given how many videos he's been trying to remove from the Internet.

Anonymous said...

I thought Pres Obama's main job was to pull videos like this one from the web. Must be falling down on the job. Tsk tsk.

Pikaman said...

It's telling that they assume the content will be taken down. Stuff like that has never happened. Yet, I always get forwards with the text "watch and share before Obama deletes it!!1"

They've spent so much trying to hallucinate that they're "being oppressed by a dictatorial government" that they have completely disconnected from reality. "Obama will take mah guns ANY DAY NOW."

Even the smartest of conservatives that I knew have transitioned into this paranoid state. They're insufferable.

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