4 Mysterious Deaths!

Subject: 4 Mysterious Deaths!
Date: August 12, 2016 at 5:07:05 PM MDT
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Subject: 4 Mysterious Deaths!
Have ANY of you heard/seen ANY of this in the ANY news report?????  
Me either!!!

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gruaud said...

Greetings, right wing dads!

Time for another episode of 'Six Degrees of Separation from Hillary Clinton'!!

CharlieE said...



But you all knew that.

Son of Strom said...

RW Dads apparently don't know about Google:
Rich was shot; his family issued a plea to stop the insane conspiracy talk about his death.
Ashe was a former UN official who was scheduled to go on trial for bribery and died while weightlifting. He had no connection to Clinton or the campaign.
Thorn was a well-known anti-Semite; most internet speculation says he was killed by the Zionists, not the Clinton campaign.
Lucas was a process server, (not a "lead attorney") and Sanders supporter who, for some reason, the Clinton's waited until months after the primary was over to eliminate.
And all four died in less than a month from June 22 to August 4.
I think they have found their smoking gun. LOCK HER UP!

ferschitz said...

Only RWD & Donald J Trump are supposed to carry & shoot random citizens. That's what the 2d Amendment sez.

Hillary: booga booga scary scary monster nasty lady. LOOKOUT!!!11!!

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