Fwd: FW: Side effects of eating Wheaties

date:Tue, May 26, 2015 at 11:31 AM
subject:Fwd: FW: Side effects of eating Wheaties

A funny for Thursday….

  1976 vs 2015. What a difference 39 years makes! If that's what happens when u eat Wheaties I'm switching to oatmeal


gruaud said...

Sorry, RW dad - prolonged eating of oatmeal turns you into an atheist.

CharlieE said...

When Right Wing Dad doesn't understand something, he makes fun of it, rather than simply seeking to learn more.

How sad...and common.

Mike Hawk said...

LOL - All I know is that this weirdo motha foka Jenner is soon going to have to stand trial for 2nd degree murder for causing a death on the highway, due to his/her/its negligence.

What an asshole...following too close.

Typical nutcase....irresponsible on the roads and irresponsible with
his sexual orientation....by CHOICE!!!! lmao

Fuck Caitlyn....and fuck Bruce, too!!

Mike Hawk

ferschitz said...

What's RWD so afraid of? Anything or anyone who's a tiny bit different, and BAM! RWD is all pointing fingers, being rude, shouting out put downs and calling names. Why is RWD so uncomfortable and afraid of anyone who is purportedly "different"? What's so scary?

Hooray4US said...

RWD was up for cheering on Bruce Jenner when he was young and won lots of gold medals at the Olympics. Now that Jenner is older and has decided to change genders, RWD derides Jenner because she is not behaving the way RWD wants her to, gawdamnit! Yeah, looks like RWD feels threatened. Reverts to type. No surprise.

CharlieE said...

If Mike Hawk has unambiguous proof that Jenner's sexual orientation was a choice, then he should provide it.

Mike Hawk said...

So CharlieE...are you really that DUMB?

Pretty straight forward to me: Bruce Jenner was born a man (with a penis and two testicles) and by his own CHOOSING, decided to slowly transition into a woman (although, he's quiet the wimp, because he will never fully become a woman until he has his penis and testicles removed and a vagina inserted into his abdominal cavity).

So....not only is that asshole, weirdo, Jenner a fokin' freak, he also has CHOSEN by his own volition to become a pseudo-woman....as I just explained in the paragraph above.

Nobody held a gun to his head and said---->YOU SHALL CHOOSE TO BECOME A WOMAN!!!!

You leftwing liberal weenies "ain't" too bright....

Mike Hawk

P.S. - I hope the judge throws the book at Bruce (err, Caitlyn) when found guilty of 2nd degree murder for the death that he/she caused on the highway.

Mike Hawk said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, "Mike" sinks to a new disgusting low. It's almost impressive in how awful it is. "Mike", are you deliberately trying to be the biggest shithead on the Internet? Or is this just natural "talent"?

Anonymous said...

For the love of all you hold dear, please cease feeding troll. Not. Worth. It.

Mike Hawk said...

Troll. Like. To. Eat. Liberal. Community. Shared. Food.

Mike Hawk

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