Fw: Fwd: You cannot be serious

date:12 July 2015 at 13:57
subject:Fw: Fwd: You cannot be serious


gruaud said...

Confederate battle flag is still legal to sell, you disingenuous assholes.

ferschitz said...

Racists, skin heads and other bigoted creeps the world over can still buy Confederate flags and other depraved crap without any problems. It's just that they can't go to their local WalMart to buy them anymore. Boo de effen hoo.

Hooray4US said...

"You can't be serious."

Yes, RWD, rightwing think tanks are seriously and intentionally lying to you. When are you going to get serious and stop falling for this shit?

Mike Hawk said...

The Confederate Flag stands for a "culture".

It is not racist whatsoever.

Mike Hawk

Buitre said...

If it's perfectly legal to stomp on and burn the flag of the United States, then it should be perfectly legal to purchase and display the Confederate Flag.

So, what's the problem, LIEberals?

Agent86 said...


By your logic, the Nazi flag and the so-called ISIS flag also stand for their respective "cultures" and are not racists whatsoever. So please, feel free to start defending them. However, allow me to get my popcorn and a Coke before you do though because this is going to be good. But then again, I doubt you can even come up with a well-thought out reasoned response without resorting to your normal tactics.

Anonymous said...

DUH. It's still "perfectly legal" to purchase and display a racist, er, Confederate flag in the USA. I know that "Mike Hawk" knows this, however, but is being a dumbf*ck bc that's what he is.

That said, I don't know why racist 'Murkins are "upset" by WalMart (and other places of business) deciding not to sell the Confederate flag. I thought the "free market" was "free" to do as it chooses. So why are racists, er, Republicans "upset" because a business - the apex of everything good, holy & righteous according to the GOP - has decided not to see the flag? Shouldn't rightwingers now be bowing and scraping to their WalMart Overlords who are the ones who decided not to sell the flag?

No one has "banned" the sale of it. You just can't get it at your local WalMart. Too bad, so sad, get used to it.

Agent86 said...

Buitre/Mike (or should it be Mike Buitre?),

Are you dense or just have selective comprehension? You CAN buy and display a Confederate flag on your PRIVATE property if you wish. No one is LEGALLY stopping you that I'm aware of.

gruaud said...

Many Confederates pretend to not understand why the war was fought. The War of Northern Aggression (who fired the first shots, again?), protecting our heritage (a heritage of slavery), or states rights (the right to own slaves).

But they know. Even the dumbest among them...deep down, they know. They just can't bring themselves to admit that their side were the bad guys in all this, and so they fight the war culturally now and forever. Most southerners have let go and moved on, but the neo-confederates are an extremely vocal and persistent bunch. FOX, of course, coddles the living shit out of them.

Mike, OTOH, just takes a dumbfuck contrarian position, thinking he's clever.

Anonymous said...

Except for the obviously dumb comments, the other comments are good. Why rightwingers are mad as hell at a business decision made by some mega-corporations, aka the 1%, is rather amusing to witness.

The usual lies, hype, spin and general obfuscation is very obvious with this RWF. No surprise.

ferschitz said...

Real Q (I don't know): do WalMart or other big box stores sell the Nazi & ISIS flags or other Nazi & ISIS paraphernalia?

Anonymous said...


I don't know. I don't hang out in Walmart myself but the times I have been in one I've never seen a Nazi or "ISIS" flag. Probably have to get them online I suspect.

The resident troll probably knows since he most likely trolls the local Walmarts at odd hours trying to pick up dates with some of the women of Walmart.

ferschitz said...

I rarely shop at WalMart, but I've never seen Nazi or ISIS flags or other paraphernalia there, nor have I seen such items at other big box (or other retail chains) stores, myself.

I asked bc the main thing that's happened with the racist Confed flag is that some big box stores, like WalMart, have decided not to sell it anymore.

So RWD and his skin head relatives can just bulk buy their racist Confed purchases along with their skinhead Nazi purchases from EBay or wherever.

What a buncha whining maroons.

gruaud said...

You can get a Nazi party flag online for about 25 bucks. Back when I was in college, some guys in one dorm room proudly displayed a 3 by 5 foot Nazi flag on their wall. They were pretty much shunned by the rest of us.

You can get an ISIS flag in the Middle East, price unknown.

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