Fw: Unbelievable: Green Beret Being Discharged For Defending Rape Victim

date:23 August 2015 at 09:03
subject:Fw: Unbelievable: Green Beret Being Discharged For Defending Rape Victim

Another American hero being involuntarily discharged for defending a rape victim.

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Unbelievable: Green Beret Being Discharged For Defending Rape Victim

Fellow Conservative,
This is truly remarkable. It never ceases to amaze me how far the Obama administration will go to gut our military.
Sergeant 1st Class Charles Martland is a decorated Green Beret with more than 11 years of experience in Special Forces. By all definitions, he is an American hero.
When his convoy came under attack from a Taliban ambush, Charles Martland selflessly took control of the machine gun on top of his damaged Humvee, fully exposing himself to enemy fire. His return fire gave his teammates enough time and cover to collect sensitive equipment before falling back. For this heroism, Charles Martland was awarded the Bronze Star.
But the Pentagon is involuntarily discharging this hero because he defended a rape victim in Afghanistan. Yes, you read that right. He is being discharged for defending a rape victim.
When Sgt. Martland was stationed in Afghanistan, he heard about a family that was being abused.The child was raped and the mother was beaten. Not only that, but the perpetrator was a police officer.
Sgt. Martland confronted the local police commander and the Afghan just laughed it off. American tax dollars paid to train, arm, and employ this police commander. So when the Afghan admitted that he raped the 12-year-old boy, and proceeded to laugh it off, it was all too much to handle. Sgt. Martland got angry and “shoved” the Afghan police officer.
The next day, a helicopter landed with instructions to take him away. No, not the rapist… the helicopter was there for Sgt. Martland. The war was over for him.
Now, Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland is being involuntarily discharged from the Army.
Earlier this week, I told you the story of Marine Reserves Major Jason Brezler. He was discharged for sending classified information to try to protect others from a dangerous Afghan police commander. He also was a Bronze Star recipient. Notice a pattern?
The sad truth is that in Obama’s America, Afghan child rapists are put above American heroes.
We teach our soldiers to respect life. I know that might seem counter intuitive, but it is true. Even when they have to take a life, it is to protect others.
This Sgt. Martland did just that. He heard about a young boy being raped by a police officer and he intervened. This wasn’t his mission, but he simply could not stand aside knowing that a 12-year-old boy was being raped by someone who had sworn to protect him. By all definitions, Sgt. Martland did the right thing. But because he “shoved” the rapist in a moment of anger, he’s being kicked out of the Army. How does that make sense?
If Obama had any integrity at all, he would put a stop to this and reinstate Sgt. Martland. But that isn’t his end goal. The President’s end goal is to gut the military and real American heroes like Martland and Brezler are the first to go.
Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA) is leading the charge to stop Sgt. Martland’s discharge. This is the same Congressman who took up Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi’s case last year when he was imprisoned in Mexico.
But Rep. Hunter can’t do this alone. If nothing is done, this American hero will be involuntarily discharged from the Army. Don’t let the Obama administration purge the military of heroes like Sgt. Martland!
Joe Otto
Conservative Daily

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gruaud said...

Joe Otto endlessly pushes the narrative that Obama is a subversive traitor, so I get that.

I saw this comment in Army Times, though.

Robin A. Johnson ·
Old Retired Sergeant Major at U.S. Army

A QMP decision to seperate a Soldier is not made on the basis of ONE evaluation, even a Relief for Cause NCOER which triggers the QMP. I don't think we are getting the full story here. If the rest of this NCO's career is was exemplary as we are led to believe by this story, I don't think there would be a story. It is interesting that the commander, who by SFC Martland's version of events supported him in his actions in beating the Afghan commander and was similarly Relieved for Cause, did not care to support SFC Martland's version of events and verify it for this article. I have no information one way or the other about the specifics of this case- just a knowledge of how this process works which in general refutes the presumption that SFC Martland was dealt with unfairly.

Like · Reply · 1 · Aug 21, 2015 3:58pm

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm sure President Obama personally decided to discharge this individual after this incident. That's totally believable, that in a giant organization with a huge bureaucracy and more rules and regulations than you can count, one guy would be singled out for special punishment by the guy all the way at the top for an incident that happened 4 years ago. Totally believable.

CharlieE said...

The President’s end goal is to gut the military and real American heroes like Martland and Brezler are the first to go.

I wish gutting the military were his goal. Since 9/11, we've tripled our defense spending, and nothing useful has come of it. Good for defense contractors, bad for everyone else.

ferschitz said...


Yes, you're right: this ranting screed is definitely unbelievable because it's inaccurate, at best, or a bald-faced lie. Too lazy to research. Bullshit.

I agree with CharlieE: I wish ObamaCo was "gutting" the Military. the MIC sucks up an ever more giant portion of our tax dollars. And for what purpose? Conservatives, like this think tank liar, make a mighty big payola check from the wingnut welfare gravy train scrawling lying ranting screeds like this in order to separate gullible rubes from their money.

Facts not in evidence.

Agent86 said...

All I had to see was the source from Conservative Daily. They rank right up there with Red State, Conservative Tribune, Patriot Post, IJR and the other Conservative hand-job sites.

Mike Hawk said...

Agent86 is a bit frustrated because he can't use his ObamaShoePhone to masturbate with...it has no orifices.

Hey Max, why don't your try one of Barbara Feldon's (Agent 99's) nicely lubricated holes????

Or, do you prefer your inflate-a-mate you bought down at your local sex shop? At least she never says "NO"!!!!!

Mike Hawk

Agent86 said...

Mike that retort is so lame I'm shocked you went totally off the idiot scale. You're not worth wasting the time to thrash any more. Have a nice what's left of your pitiful existence.

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