Fw: What our country is up against......

date:5 August 2015 at 08:18
subject:Fw: What our country is up against......

Subject: Fw: What our country is up against......


gruaud said...

I recall that the liberal blogs were fairly outraged about this.

The rightwing makes up a million lies about liberals, why give them actual ammunition?

Anonymous said...

A felon greeted as a "hero"? Maybe she and Oliver North can get together and have a talk show. Special guest Dinesh D'Souza.

CharlieE said...

I'd be willing to wager that G. Gordon Liddy draws applause at public appearances, too.

ferschitz said...

"I put this diary on Dkos to give our members the opportunity to express their disapproval over this lady's actions. While I take issue with republican pundits who will want to use ethis issue to say Democratic Party uses poll workers or organizations like Acorn are engaged in fraud, if we do not come our front and center to bash such fraud, we end up ceding the issue to the right wingers.

I am glad no one has tried to make excuses for the lady on our blog."


"Both parties recognized that Richardson's [5 year prison] sentence was excessive, Hilton said.
Richardson, 58, was convicted last spring of four counts of illegal voting. The charges say she twice voted in the 2012 election and voted three times in past elections on behalf of her sister, Montez Richardson, who has been in a coma since 2003."


ferschitz said...

What Ms Richardson did was illegal and wrong, and especially as a poll worker, it's puzzling that she felt ok about doing this. Ms. Richardson deserved a prison sentence, and she did serve time. although this RWF twists what happened and makes it seem like she "only" got probation. I'm not sure how much time she spent in prison. Various Ohio newspapers comment that both Republicans and Democrats felt that 5 year sentence was excessive, and some group worked with the judicial system to reduce her time in prison. I'll repeat: Ms. Richardson did serve time in prison.

This RWF is typical of all of them: it's not factual, it stretches the truth, and of course, makes a big field day out of trashing a black Democrat is who did something illegal and wrong. But it's factually incorrect on several levels, and it makes it seem like all Democrats approve of what this lady did. FALSE.

Here's a true fact: my aged parents (may they both RIP) lived in a senior living community. Like many similar communities, they had poll booths set up right in their building, where the majority of seniors living there voted.

My dad suffered from Alzheimers for many years and was incompetent. My mother blissfully "confessed" to me that she had been voting for him for years, including the 2008 election. I told her in no uncertain terms that what she was doing constituted voter fraud, and that she should never ever do it again. I could see from her face that she had determined to ignore me and didn't want to face the fact that what she did (and probably continued to do) was illegal.

Should I have turned in my aged mother? Would Town Hall and Free Republic and Fox and Rush all be "up in arms" and shrieking about my mother's many years of voter fraud?? Doubt it.

I have absolutely no proof, but I suspect that my mother is hardly the ONLY senior citizen who's done something like this. I think it's no accident that the GOP makes sure that polling booths are set up in senior citizen homes, while doing everything possible to make it difficult for teh poorz and the blahs to vote.

I do NOT agree with what Ms. Richardson did, and I think it's appropriate that she served time for voter fraud (although I agree that 5 years was excessive).

Should my 80something mother also have served time for voting twice for John McCain in 2008?

I report. You decide.

Mike Hawk said...

Hey ferschitz, your lil' anecdote is cute and all, and I'm very sorry about your Dad and Mom (may they both rip).

Thanks for "reporting".

I think I'll pass on deciding.

Mike Hawk

Hooray4US said...

Not good, but it happens on both sides of the aisle.

White GOP male gets 4 months in jail. Uh, lessee, that's 44 months less than Ms Richardson, a black female Democrat (yes, I know: different state/court ...)

White male Republican votes "dozens" of times...

Whole bunch of white republicans engaging in voter fraud.

Oh here's a GOP campaign worker tossing voter reg forms into the dumpster.

I don't have time for more. Yes, voter fraud happens, and no, it is never ever "ok" to do it. But per usual, RWD frames this incident with the usual racist hysteria: "What our country is up against..."

What is our country "up against," RWD? One black lady who broke the law and "paid" for it with jail time? I'm really shaking in my shoes, RWD!! It's an epidemic for sure! shriek! whine! moan!

Anonymous said...

Add up all the voter fraud and it constitutes about .00001% of the vote give or take. Hardly enough to sway much of anything in national elections.

CharlieE said...

Should my 80something mother also have served time for voting twice for John McCain in 2008?

Actually, in my book, she should have served time for voting for John McCain even once, as should everyone else who failed to see the potential harm in putting Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the presidency.

ferschitz said...

Dear CharlieE - I quite agree! But my mother wasn't the worst of it. My rightwing fundie sisters STILL worship at the shrine of Tundra Trash. If Palin ran as VP again, my family would be lock-step in favor of voting for HER. And believe me, my sisters voted for Palin. John McCain? Not so much.

If you can figure it out, please enlighten me. My family! I love 'em, but: ICK!

Fortunately for the sake of humanity, Palin's tribe of "true believers" have dwindled in number. Why my highly educated and pretty sophisticated family members still bow and scrape to this skeevy worthless scummy dumb grafter is simply beyond my comprehension. I gave up trying to understand a long long time ago.

PS my one sister is - shudder!!!! - very good friends with Icky Ricky Santorum. Get the picture? Have pity on me!

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