Fw: Interesting how we let this take place

date:26 July 2015 at 21:32
subject:Fw: Interesting how we let this take place

I'm  proud to be Black, said the Black man.

I'm  proud to be Asian, said the Asian man.

I'm  proud to be Hispanic, said the Hispanic man.

I'm  proud to be Native American, said the Native American  man.

I'm  proud to be White, said the racist.

Some Two Hundred Years  Ago:

The White people sat on  the porch and watched the Black people do the work
that needed to  be done so the Whites could live the life they wanted. 
If the Blacks didn't  produce enough to keep the Whites happy, they
complained about it.  In those days it was called Slavery.

Time Passes:
Today the Black people sit  on their asses and watch the White people work
to pay the taxes  that are necessary for the Blacks to live the life they 
If their welfare check is  not enough to keep them happy, they complain
about it. 
Today it’s called  Socialism.

It would appear to me that  the only thing that has changed is the color of
the slaves. 


gruaud said...

First we get fake Christian persecution neurosis.

Now we get pity the poor white guy slave complex.


Anonymous said...

Why would I be proud to be white when some of my fellow white people are apparently such ignorant, racist morons that they will write and forward crap like this?

CharlieE said...

There are more whites on welfare and food stamps than blacks.

Sorry, dude, but it's still racism.

Randall said...

I hate to burst your bubble RWD: The Real Welfare Queen is Uneducated, Single and White

ferschitz said...

Today it’s called Socialism.
That's what Fox/Rush/rightwing think tanks call it. That's not what it is. However, like good little Pavlov dogs, you've been brainwashed to get immediately riled up when you hear/read the word "Socialism" and believe it's this horrible thing that is totally causing YOU to be a victim to black people.

It would appear to me that the only thing that has changed is the color of the slaves.
Wow. That's really disgusting, even for a RWF. To compare paying taxes to "slavery" is over the top, even for RWD. Get a grip.

Mike Hawk said...

@ Randall: Why cite such a completely slanted BULLSHIT link? You are using the old technique of the Rightwing Dad, I see: The Real Welfare Queen is Uneducated, Single and White

Per Shawn Wood: "I guess I shouldn't have expected an article posted on a site named 'Breaking Brown' to contain factual, accurate information. The basic demographic numbers quoted in the statistics are close to correct, but the conclusion drawn in her paragraph is completely wrong. She is comparing apples to oranges with her numbers (I hope because she simply doesn't understand statistics, but I fear it was done to distort numbers to support her theory). To compare these numbers correctly you need to normalize the counts. So, let's say only 1000 people live in America. Of these, using her dated statistics, 770 would be White, 130 would be Black. Of these, the number unemployed would be 62 Whites and 21 Blacks. If we go a rough unemployment rate of 16% - the number receiving welfare would be 61 Whites and 40 Blacks (remember, the 38% white and 25% black is based on total population, not a % of the individual race). Now we have some real numbers to compare. We have 62 whites unemployed, and 61 whites on welfare. But we have only 21 blacks unemployed, yet 40 blacks on welfare. That is double the rate of whites and an accurate evaluation of the numbers.

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