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date:Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 5:16 PM
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I hate sending chain letters,

but this one works !!!

You will be offered sex by simply passing it on !

It's incredible !!!

Just send:


To ten recipients.

At least 9 will reply,

Telling you to go F*** yourself !!!


gruaud said...

That even one recipient in their little e-mail bubble-world would not wish the sender to go fuck himself is astonishing.

Especially after getting yesterday's RWF, which is, as RW Dad says, the truth.

CharlieE said...

Who wouldn't turn hostile upon discovering that the President of the United States wishes them well?

I seem to recall, not all that many years ago, that any criticism of the sitting president was met with cries of "Treason!"

ferschitz said...

Because when someone, anyone, actually wishes me well, my first response is to tell them to go f*ck themselves... always.

John 15:12
Romans 12:10
John 4:11
Luke 6:35

Hooray4US said...






The WBushco regime - supported by vocal dittoheads - was swift in retaliating against ANY criticism of W or his Wars. Rightwingers constantly wagged fingers at anyone who said the slightest peep against the Iraq War, which has been proven to be instigated and fought on the utterly false premise of WMD and that Saddam Hussein was allegedly funding Al Qaeda.

Citizens' First Amend rights meant nothing, as we were told in no uncertain terms that Team USA was "at war," and it was treasonous to question the Pres, his policies or protest the wars.

Of course, file that under: it only matters if it's a R-President, and also it's OK to have your First Amend rights taken away as long as those rights are taken away by an R admin (who's really ignoring the Constitution & tearing it apart??).

Knock, knock, yoohoo conservatives. You might not have noticed that Team USA is still at war across the globe, but somehow because we have an allegedly "D" Pres, it's A-OK to diss Obama constantly - in fact it appears to be Republicans' number one "patriotic-y duty" to do so at every opportunity.

This is not just hypocritical. Frankly, it's delusional, dysfunctional and outright nuts, plus, of course rude beyond belief (but it's ok for conservatives to be rude to everyone who disagrees with their viewpoints apparently).

I'm no fan of Obama or the Wars, but frankly, the way conservatives behave is just beyond the pale. Protest all you like, but do so on the merits of certain policies or activities... and with some sort of goal in sight.

Sigh... yeah: magical thinking to write that last sentence.

Anonymous said...

It appears to be ok to discuss sex crudely and use the F-bomb when you're a rightwinger (who probably goes to church) as long as it's about being rude to/about the black President.

Mike Hawk said...

But, but, but Giuliani states unequivocally that "Obama does not LOVE the United States", because he wasn't brought up the same way he was.


Giuliani is a FUCKING tool.

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

Anon above: What does the black President have to do with using the F-bomb and discussing sex crudely? False correlation or perhaps projection much??????

Why interject race?

Seriously, you're ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Dear Last Anon -

Is Obama black or not? This RWF uses crude sexual imagery and the f-bomb to diss Obama, who IS black.

What are you missing here?

Mike Hawk said...

Nope....Herman Cain is/was BLACK.

Obama is a half-breed.

What are YOU missing here?

Mike Hawk

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