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gruaud said...

Ok, so Dubya launches the Was in Afghanistan, demanding the Taliban hand over Bin Laden. Then, when forces had cornered Bin Laden in Tora Bora, Dubya diverts the forces for the Iraqi invasion and Bin Laden escapes. And then, Dubya issues a statement that he's not concerned about Bin Laden and he doesn't even think about him. Meanwhile, the war simmers on longer than WWII.

But NOW that Obama is president, it's operation Enduring Clusterfuck.

That about right?

CharlieE said...

This makes no sense at all, and I have no idea what point the original sender was trying to make.

gruaud said...

The war in Afghanistan was codenamed Operation Enduring Freedom.

My interpretation is that RW Dad is blaming Obama for continuing to prosecute the war.

I could be wrong, but I try never to sell conservative hypocrisy short.

ferschitz said...

Guraud summed up nicely & I agree. Albeit, of course, I'll also say that ObamaCo has only ramped up the same clusterf*ck programs initiated under BushCo.... which gets back to my premise that it really doesn't matter all that much who is the figurehead in the White House.

If anyone pays any attention - apparently not a trait common to many in this country - in terms of ongoing endless War, not much has changed over the past 14 years.

More rightwing propaganda sent out to mislead the rightwing rubes into believing there's some vast great difference between a putative R-Pres Admin v an alleged D-Admin.

ferschitz said...

And as CharlieE has so correctly pointed out in the prior two RWFs - here we go again with rightwing hypocrisy about dissing a sitting President in war time.

For better or worse, the USA is at War with numerous countries across the globe. During the BushCo Admin, rightwingers shrieked and attacked anyone who dared to question BushCo or the Wars - most started illegally based on lies - due to our nation being at War.

What's changed? Why is it now "ok" for rightwingers to send out this "treasonous" sh*t?

I'm all for protesting War, especially the overly expensive boondoggles in which the USA is now constantly ginning up in order to provide $$$$ to the 1%. But this type of rude, immature, juvenile bs is less than useless. Serves no purpose. Waste of time (hint: the goal).

Anonymous said...

If Operation Enduring Freedom is a clusterfuck now that's because it began as a clusterfuck.

Schitzengiggles said...

"Operation Enduring Freedom" for the MIC to procure and spend unfathomable amounts of our money to continue it's never ending war against brown people somewhere.

Mike Hawk said...

Schitzengiggles (hee, hee, hee): Why don't you go out to Syria or Egypt in a t-shirt that states: "I LOVE JESUS/I AM A CHRISTIAN"....and see
how that works out for you.

Anonymous said...

"I LOVE JESUS/I AM A CHRISTIAN"....and seehow that works out for you.

Why should that matter? There are Christians who live in both of those countries (and throughout the middle east).

What's exactly is your point?

Anonymous said...

"What exactly is your point?"

Ignorance is bliss.

Schitzengiggles said...

I see Mikey aka "Barky" the seal has been trained by his handlers to keep barking out ad hominems and other stupid shit on cue and blowing his horn. Actually he's probably actually blowing someone else's "horn" and some people say he's skilled at balancing balls on his nose but I digress. Hey Barky, keep it up and maybe some day you'll bark out something of substance or at least mildly amusing and we'll toss you a herring.

Schitzengiggles said...

Awww snap. I did a double "actually" above. Dance Barky, dance.

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