FWD: The Truth!!

Subject: The Truth!!
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2015 09:04:36 +0000


gruaud said...

Obama derangement. Why?

To conservatives a Democrat twice-elected (by huge margins) President HAS to be a foreign Muslim treasonous dictator whose economic policies are killing us all as he dismantles the constitution because otherwise everything they’ve ever held true is a lie.

This is known as cognitive dissonence.

CharlieE said...

How is President Obama allegedly doing these things all by himself?

A magic wand? Fairies?

I've seen lots of comments over the years about how Obama is "destroying America" but no one ever explains how, exactly, he's doing this.

What's the mechanism?

ferschitz said...

If you more correctly make this about the corporate fascists in the 1%, then this is all pretty true.

This propaganda brought to you by a rightwing think tank probably funded by the Kochs, who ARE doing all of this.

However, this nonsense ever so reliably distracts that subset of citizens who are white dumb racists into "believing" that things are going to hell in a handbasket simply because a N-word in is the White House.

It's also called:

Divide & Conquer.

Wake up sheeples.

Anonymous said...

They expect the rank and file to believe that this nefarious plot was hatched 50 years ago in some desolate Kenyan outpost to take a Kenyan baby born of an American mother, groom him to become POTUS. Falsifying his SSN, school records and "disappearing" anyone who knew him. This plot got him elected twice so he could completely destroy America from the inside. And this plot was either blind to or abetted by the CIA, NSA, FBI, Congress, the Republican party AND the Clintons. A conspiracy like that would make JFK, the moon landing and WTC 7 look like Romper Room. The people are delusional idiots.

Hooray4US said...

Gee whiz. If I was a conservative and read this and believed it, I think I'd go pound a spike in my eye because it would feel better than reading this.

So if everything is already "lost," and apparently the situation is utterly beyond being even dire... then what?

If things are so incredibly bad - but yet conservatives have to be TOLD that they "so bad" because I guess they can't figure it out for themselves (why? why not?) - then what's the solution?

Just sit around and feel sorry yourself? Endlessly feeling disempowered and victimized by a dreaded darkie??

Is that "it"?

Losers on parade.

Hooray4US said...

BTW it's not uncommon for the D Team to engage in somewhat similarly dire & negative predictions, especially around election time.

Yet what I see from what's termed the "left" is never ever quite so dire and dreary as crap.

This is one good reason for not being what's labeled "conservative." I truly don't understand how these people can stand to live in such constant negativity, doom & gloom. Not especially inviting; pretty hopeless, in fact.

Anonymous said...

Yessir. As long as BO is in power, all is lost, your freedoms are gone, the die is cast. BUT....elect us and we can save you all!! Trust us!!

I'm no fan of his but tell me:

1. How specifically is he destroying America?
2. How is he advancing totalitarianism specifically?
3. What danger is he bringing specifically?
4. What specifically do you feel are his evil goals?
5. What enemies is he embracing exactly? You mean the ones that are constantly getting droned?
6. Name one Consitutional law that has been broken? Just one and be specific as to which one and why. Cue the Jeopardy theme.
7. How specifically is the media abetting him? Do not use terms like "give a pass" or other nebulous talking points. Be specific.
8. Congress is not stopping him from doing what exactly? Who's fault is that? Check your mirror - you keep voting for these same assholes.
9. On what grounds are those that are sworn to defend your Constitution supposed to be removing him? Again, be specific as to what impeachable offense has been committed?

If you're soooo distressed and feel that all is lost, feel free to do us all a favor and go play in the traffic or follow the other lemmings and jump off a cliff. You clowns have no sack.

Anonymous said...

I think the theme here can be summed up:

When in danger
When in doubt
Run in circles
Scream & shout

Anonymous said...

Actually more like:

When you're a party of losers
And you're life's in a tizzy
Just keep yelling it's all because
Of that black man in your White Hizzy.

CharlieE said...


So if everything is already "lost," and apparently the situation is utterly beyond being even dire... then what?

It would seem that Republicans have no choice but to take their own lives.

It would solve a lot of problems...

Anonymous said...

this graphic is really pretty professional and scary.

When Liberals do commentary it's usually satire. When Conservatives do commentary it's usually propaganda. Propaganda is scary because it carries an undertone of violence that satire does not.

I can't figure why, but Conservatives are just more willing to go to war in general, about pretty much anything. Perhaps being defense is a more desperate action.

This poster really gave me the willies, and I have thick skin.

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