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Subject:  a good answer

This woman is good!!!
This has been around before, but for those who haven't seen it..... this is a must see.  Be sure to watch it to the end.

It is a well thought out view and gives voice to what MANY of us think and feel but find difficult to articulate.    Note she is not reading from notes, no teleprompter, and keeps direct eye contact with the individual asking the  question.  She KNOWS her subject matter and understands not only HISTORY, but the results of remaining silent. 
Makes you want to stand up and cheer as many in the audience did!!



gruaud said...

This is the question that prompted Gabriel's rather forceful response:

Sabah Ahmed asked: "How can we fight an ideological war with weapons? How can we end this war? How do you ever win this thing [Jihad] if you don't address it ideologically?"

I thought it was a pretty good question and deserved a little thought, not merely a reaction.

Because the alternative to ideology is perpetual warfare. There must be a better way than that.

Randall said...

It is a good dodge on a question. Not only does she completely avoid the question posed, she is able to rile up the rubes and the base.

I particularly enjoy all the comments underneath proclaiming she should be president, or that she somehow schooled the Islamic woman asking the question. Because Q and A forums are contests to proclaim a winner, not a format where you can ask questions and gain knowledge. Either way it is a Q and A forum on "Benghazi!!!!1111!!!!" so what should you expect...

ferschitz said...

How many millions of people has Team USA murdered across MENA over the past decade or so? Is it 5 million? More? Somewhat less? I don't know.

Yet clearly the peaceful majority of Americans are irrelevant.

That nasty rightwing tool proceeded to shoot down the American law student in flames in a very rude and disrespectful manner, and in no way really addressed either the student's reasonable question, nor really addressws in any clear way WHY Benghazi happened (which is bc Stevens was a CIA asset supplying arms to Al Qaeda and other jihadi's from Benghazi).

Ridiculous. Well if rightwing numbskulls wish to vote for this tool for Pres, so be it. I could care less if she would allegedly "shred Hillary."

There is some merit in watching this video, if only to witness the deliberate manner in which the propagandists refuse to countenance intelligent debate and reasoned discussion in this nation. Unfortunate but insightful, nonetheless.

Hooray4US said...

There are about 320million US citizens. Of that number, what percentage comprises fanatical Christianists hell-bent on eradicating (as we've seen here) all Muslims world-wide? 5%? That's over 1.5 million fanatical US citizens who want to eradicate Muslims. And they wonder why Muslims react to that in the way they do?

This woman uses the example of a radical minority that built up Nazi Germany and slaughtered millions of Jews and others, while the peaceful majority really didn't agree but didn't have a say.

So what's the difference here? This woman points to 3000 US citizens killed allegedly by Muslim Jihadi's on 9/11. How many hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of innocent women, kids, elderly and others have been slaughtered by US & allied troops in their ME countries?

The Muslim American law student points out that a dialog is needed, and she's shouted down with lots of words and numbers that don't really signify anything.


Cybercast News Service used to be more accurately called Conservative News Service.

Why should the law student regret having asked her question? Whoever Ozzie Safra is, she's clearly been trained to attack anyone who doesn't toe the party line.

Good illustration of one part of the divide and conquer mentality so evident in US media. Never let the other side have a say; never engage in a meaningful discussion; shout down those perceived to be in the "opposition;" and better yet, demonize them. Then say that your side "won" and is "right."

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Mike Hawk said...

"FAMILY FEUD" - Good answer, good answer, good answer!

"Survey says....."

Mike Hawk

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