Fwd: FW: With Apologies to The Beach Boys...ch

date: Tue, Nov 18, 2014 at 11:16 AM
subject: Fwd: FW: With Apologies to The Beach Boys...ch

Subject: Fwd: With Apologies to The Beach Boys...ch


With Apologies to The Beach Boys...

  Try not tapping your foot while this is playing :-)))

It had to show up sometime............................
Catchy Tune . . . 


CharlieE said...

Just some dude singing "Surfin' USA" with new lyrics about how Mexicans can come here and have the government give them money, education and healthcare for free.

These lunatics never explain the mechanism by which illegals get all of these things for free when everyone else has to pay for them, but then again, facts just get in the way of the agreed-upon narrative.

Anonymous said...

Apologies are needed. To the Beach Boys, to music in general, and to the very concept of "good taste". What dreck.

gruaud said...

The same tired, easily debunked red meat for the xenophobes.

Hooray4US said...

Beach Boys libel?

No thanks. Bad enough these boring lies are endlessly regurgitated. Don't need to have them ruin classic tunes in the bargain.

Schitzengiggles said...

That's the GOP SOP:

1. Offer no solutions of our own, just undo and block anything Democrats do/have done.

2. Have the think tanks, bloggers, and Fox News regurgitate lies and half true talking point with frequency and abandon that would make Joseph Goebbels look like a rank amateur.

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