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Is there any way you can find out if this is true? I have not forwarded it because if it's not true it should be deleted.  I'd like to tell my friend either way.   Thanks!

On Thursday, December 4, 2014 7:01 PM,  

I did not verify this on Snopes but it rings true to me.

Would love to find out if this is true.


gruaud said...

"I did not verify this on Snopes but it rings true to me."

Naturally, snopes calls bullshit.

Sentences written like the one above are just a confirmation of the daily, casual, kneejerk racism in the United States. Everything that is fucked up about this country can ultimately be traced back to the fact that we were a slave country. And that, relatively recently.

I thought the echoes would fade after the Civil Rights movement, but, if anything, they're getting louder.

Schitzengiggles said...

Snopes calls bullshit and does not support the racist narrative, therefore Snopes/Mikkelsons must be ultra liberal supporting commies funded by George Soros...however had they agreed they would be a credible source to be believed. These RW morons crack me up.

ferschitz said...

I did not verify this on Snopes...

Why did you CHOOSE not to verify this? It takes, like, 10 seconds to search this on Snopes.

...but it rings true to me.

Because you're a flaming racist asshole jerkwad. Figures.

For the record, this tripe was on Facebook. The man in the top photo is actually Michael Brown's biological father. Brown, Sr, and Michael Brown's mother appear to have a cordial relationship, apparently often appearing together in interviews about this tragic murder of their son, Michael.

It appears that Michael grew up, like many kids of divorced parents (his parents never married but did separate), living with both parents. He did spend time with different grandparents, most notably during his Senior year in high school. That was because his mom moved, and Michael stayed with his grandmother to continue attending this same school. The grandmother he stayed with was not Pearlie Gordon.

There was a conflict over the T-shirt sales, but it's not depicted here accurately, of course.

The murder of DeAndre Joshua was terrible. It's hard to say, though, if it was retaliation. Certainly possible.

"Why don't Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, and Obama focus on the need to rebuild real, solid family units and values in the Black Community..."

Michael Brown was born "out of wedlock," as many white kids are these days. It appears that Michael was raised in a loving family, and by all reports, he was a respectful, good kid. Of course, white racists immediately depict his family life as negative and a failure without having any real facts at hand.

Obama (no fan, but still) HAS a very good and stable family life. He and his wife Michelle present a very good model of a stable black family with good values, but of course, rightwinger seek every opportunity to diss them in every conceivable way.

I'm no fan of Al Sharpton and wish he scuttle back under some rock, but the truth is, rightwingers don't want any AA leaders to emerge to provide positive role models for their community. Better for white racists to cast stones constantly, and like this nastygram, gin up a racist false picture of what this family was like.

John 8:7
Matthew 7:5

Hooray4US said...

Agree that the Obamas have presented a very positive role model for the AA community. And every time that either Pres or Mrs. Obama have reached out to the AA community to provide support, etc, they are castigated, yelled out and called all kinds of names by these very same judgmental, negative, racist conservatives.

Obama is not my favorite, but in terms of him attempting to provide a role model and offer support to the AA community to gain in strength and alleged "family values" - there is no winning for Obama. It's all lose-lose all the time no matter what he does, as far as rightwingers are concerned.

I'm not clear on what role Eric Holder should play in terms of this particular issue. Holder went to Ferguson and attempted to calm down the community there, which is his role. Not a huge fan of Holder, either, but in this regard, unsure what other steps Holder should be taking.

I think it would be somewhat inappropriate at this time for Holder to take some bigger "role" for the AA community, given his job.

Just more complaints from rightwingers with no end in sight. Not helpful at all.

Tootseye said...

Perhaps African Americans should use someone like Sarah Palin and her brood as role models for family values, family unity, not having kids out of wedlock, not taking drugs, obeying the law, leading life in a morally correct way? Oh wait...

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