FB: Benghazi


ferschitz said...

Well as long as the rubes focus on Benghazi!!!111!!!, it takes their witless attention off of the really important issues like:

1. Our tax dollars being used to hire Nazis to overthrow the govt in Ukraine.

2. Our tax dollars in large amounts being sent to the apartheid thug state of Israel, happily engaged in beating the crap out of USians.

3. Our tax dollars having been spent on recruiting, arming & training ISIS/ISIL and now being spent on "opposing" ISIS/ISIL in Iraq.

Yeah: Benghazi! Because why not? If Daryll Issa says it's "something," why then it must be "something"... or other.

Get ready for a whole lotta more of this crap to diss HRC as she runs for Pres.

Anonymous said...

Actually, this is pretty fokin' funny, given HRC's lame ass attempt to paint herself and B.J. in the ORAL Office Bill as poor ol' ordinary folk.

Very clever, and quite funny. :-)

CharlieE said...


Actually, by all accounts, the Clintons were broke and in debt when they left the White House.

What's unsaid, of course, is that being the Clintons, they could make a lot of money quickly by either publishing books or giving speeches.

So it's true, but slightly disingenuous. They were broke, but not in a way that the rest of us would recognize.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the poor ol' Clintons didn't know how to live within their means while in the White House.


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