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A lot of the retirees I know can afford this model...


It’s provided by Obamacare; under “Physical Therapy for Veterans”


gruaud said...

No matter how you spin it, O-care is a huge success, veterans included.

The only thing better is Single-payer, and with the Hobby-Lobby ruling, that will provide enough impetus to become a reality in a few years (unless the Koch brothers get their way and finally overthrow democracy).

ferschitz said...

This is conflating several different issues: a) Obamacare, b) Medicare/Medicaid, c) VA Health Care.

I'm not sure how ACA causes Veterans to have worse health care, as this silliness implies.

There are plenty of issues with VA Health Care (or lack thereof). Most of the problems with the VA & their ability to deliver adequate Vet health care is due to mainly Republican Congresses - under the aegis of such stellar Vets like John McCain - to consistently & significantly reduce funding to the VA.

It's unclear to me how ACA will somehow negatively impact Seniors on Medicare, either.

Just junk, per usual, and the typical bash Obama endlessly in order to fool the conservative rubes into somehow believing that the 1% gives a sh*t about them.

Good luck with that.

CharlieE said...

The Affordable Care Act doesn't actually provide anything to anyone. It simply requires that individuals purchase insurance that meets certain standards.

And as Ferschitz pointed out, it has nothing to do with either seniors or veterans.

Another RW FAIL.

Thx 4 Fish said...

I keep wondering if there will be blowback from conservatives who bought the line the right wing kept repeating in regards to ACA "You can just wait until you get sick to buy health insurance on Obamacare." I explained to one friend that the Obamacare Enrollment Period would make this rather difficult unless you got sick during that particular month of the year.

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