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Subject: Uniform Tradition
Uniform  Tradition
A long time ago, Britain and France were at  war. During one battle, the
  French captured an English Major. Taking  the Major to their headquarters,
  the French General began to question  him.

  The French General  asked, "Why do you English Officers all wear red
  coats? Don't you know the red material  makes you easier targets for us to
  shoot at?"

  In his bland English way, the Major  informed the General that the
  reason English Officers wear red coats is  so that if they are shot, the
  blood won't show and the men they are  leading won't panic.

  And  that is why from that day until now all French Army Officers
  wear brown pants........


gruaud said...

France thought the Iraq War was an immoral, stupid idea. Never mind that Germany agreed wholeheartedly with France.

And the worst part for conservatives is that France was right.

I'm surprised Bill O'Reilly hasn't blown up the statue of liberty.

Mr_Creosote said...

What color uniforms did the French wear while they were fighting the British, for America, on american soil, during the revolutionary war?

Stupid neocon troglodytes........

Anonymous said...

When I was just a kid, my lil' plastic Army men/soldiers always wore green....just sayin'.

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