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Before you watch it, do you know the answer to the question "What is the Third Amendment?


Anonymous said...

What is an Amentment? I don't think such a thing has anything to do with the US Constitution.

CharlieE said...

Short version: If we enact gun control, a tyrannical government might force us to give soldiers room and board.

Yep. That's it.

Hooray4US said...

CharlieE is mostly correct, but he forgot one very very salient point: if we enact any sort of gun control the govt (eg guess who boooga booga) will come rape your wife & daughters immediately.

Brought to you by the NRA who is also saying: spend all your money on guns guns guns guns guns 'n ammo!

ferschitz said...

Whoa. Almost worth watching for bizarre-ness value. An apparently injured crash test dummy provides a lecture on the Third Amendment. Dummy speaking in very "reasonable" tone of voice but lecture filled with typical NRA propaganda bullshit:

1. Govt will come take over your house & rape your wife & daughters if you don't own a gun.

2. Made up quote falsely attributed to Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto allegedly stating "You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass." No proof that Yamamoto ever said this, but of course used as "evidence" about why citizens need more guns to repel "foreign invaders."


3. Most crime only happens in gun-free zones (eg, schools & movie theaters). Why if only guns were allowed in those zones, these crimes would have never happened.

And so on... paid by NRA to rile up gun nuts into buying more guns.

Weird. Is the NRA yanking the chains of these dummies by having a dummy deliver this lecture?

Welcome to rightwing bizarre-o land for sure.

Anonymous said...

What? No "Watch this NOW before the powers that be remove it from the Internet!"

I'm disappointed, right-wing forward.

gruaud said...

Support of the 3rd amendment is not predicated on the 2nd Amendment.

The 3rd amendment is presuming that the US has been invaded and occupied by a foreign power; in the case of the framers, England. The 3rd Amendment was written because it could easily happen again (and it did - jolly old England in 1812).

Because of this intent and the many advantages the US enjoys, there is practically zero litigation or debate regarding this amendment. That includes the SCOTUS.

So, as usual, NRA is employing pretzel logic to justify their obvious subservience and loyalty to the gun industry, and not the will of the US citizenry.

Anonymous said...

It’s a good thing that I have this rifle that I shoot at bean cans every other weekend. If not the government would use its M1 Abrams tanks, smart bombs, armored vehicles, billion dollar stealth bombers, aircraft carries, battleships, helicopters, Navy Seals, Delta Forces, and +1,000,000 Enlisted personal to park in my driveway and rape my wife and daughters.

Kevin said...

The right-wingers are more correct in one way than they know. The 2nd and 3rd Amendments are both predicated in a belief that the United States would never have a standing army. As such, the 2nd Amendment was explicitly designed to further the ability of the states to raise militias to fight for the country as a whole, and the 3rd Amendment would prevent whatever ad hoc army did come up from seizing private property to use as quarters.

Of course, the US has had a standing army since the 1790s and the militia (other than the National Guard) have basically never played any significant role in US national or civil defense, because militia are vastly inferior to regulars (i.e., standing army soldiers).

peterpudwhistle said...

The talking dummy lost me and "his" credibility when he referred to "god-given rights".

Kiss my S said...

Awww, 11 February Anonymous, why didn't you use the Name/URL (the URL is not required) option to at least give yourself a pseudonym so I'd be able to credit you when I spread this wonderful line all over creation? You're letting less-clever Anonymouses (Anonymice?) steal your thunder.

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