Anonymous said...

Bad news wingnuts: its tough to hang posters on the walls of a padded room.

ferschitz said...

Re Oprah Winfrey -

Oprah was born into a poor, African American family, worked very very hard to achieve the success and money that she created herself. Looks to me like Winfrey should be a hero to the clearly fake "libertarian" pull yourself up by your boot straps conservatives who are always whining about teh poorz not working hard enough, etc.

Oprah epitomizes what conservatives say should happen if you work hard enough. On top of it, Oprah has been very generous with her philanthropy, but ay: there's the rub. How DARE some rich person help teh poorz, especially teh poorz who are dusky hued.

I am utterly unaware of any way in which Oprah promotes racism, but hey: for conservatives just being black and having celebrity status probably equates to them being racist, so there!

As far as Oprah having a net worth of 2.7 billion? Yeah, she EARNED it by herself. Got it, conservatives?

Let's take a look at Mitt Romney. Romney was born into a wealthy white family with lots of connections. His dad was a politician. Romney got where he did through his family & church connections. Did Romney pull himself up by bootstraps? No, not all. Yes, Romney may have "worked hard," but getting a home run when you start out at third base is not that difficult.

How did Romney actually EARN the millions he has? Basically by buying up productive businesses, debt-loading them, then bankrupting them & taking the money & running. Thus causing hard working US citizens to lose their jobs. Wow - that's a f*cking fantastic way to earn money.

Plus of course, old Mittstir off-shored US jobs to third world countries. I don't think that Oprah did that. Not really. Oprah provided jobs - via her various media enterprises - to US citizens. What a novel notion that is in conservaworld. Is THAT how Oprah is somehow "racist"??

And finally, is Mitt Romney *really* only worth 250 million? Doubtful, especially because Romney won't let anyone see his tax returns, plus it's *highly likely* that RMONEY has lotsa ca$h stashed in off-shore accounts.

So-called "liberals" don't resent RMoney simply & only because he happens to be a millionaire. It's about how RMoney managed to rip off lots of businesses causing US citizens to lose viable jobs, just so that RMoney could enrich HIMSELF at the expense of others.

The rest of the posters are equally stupid and filled with the usual conservative b.s. lies and nonsense.

Anonymous said...

How dare that ___________ bitch Oprah have that much money? Ho!

gruaud said...

"Racism Some people get rich promoting it"

Yes, they all seem to migrate to FOX News.

Hooray4US said...

"Racism - Some people get rich promoting it"

Talk to GOP WI Gov Scott Walker about that. He makes a bundle from the Kochs to be as racist as possible:


Of course, the King Champion Racist who makes oodles & bundles is Rush, who's shows are loss-leaders for the networks that carry him.

Anonymous said...

We're talking about the Oprah who gives away cars on her TV show and runs various charities promoting education among the poor, right?

If Oprah was running for President, I'd probably be critical of her wealth, too. But last I checked, she hadn't made all that money buying and bankrupting other companies, either.

Kiss my S said...

(1) fershitz, that was just beautiful. Going to have to save that to use again (credited) somewhere.
(2) C'mon, "you must not have liked your plan" is actually a well-done bit of humor. The rest of the stuff is the usual crap, but that one's genuinely clever.

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