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Anonymous said...

I'll take "What do Republicans actually hate about Hillary" for $200!

CharlieE said...

Apparently, in the Right Wing universe, Hillary Clinton has done nothing in her life other than ignore what was happening in Benghazi.

I'm sure, if they were to produce a similar cartoon about Mitt Romney, every chapter would involve strapping a dog to the roof of the car.

ferschitz said...

Per usual, there's loads of things that could be listed about Hillary Clinton that are of real concern (at least to me), but dumbed down rubes need a totally simple, only one thing at a time, "reason" to hate on Hillary for. So, Benghazi, which was supposed to be the October surprise that sent RMoney to the White House but failed, is re-purposed for the idiocracy so that they can manage distinguish between the "D" candidate & the "R" candidate in 2016.

Simple things for very very very simple minds.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I got ahold of the W Memoirs:

W Memoir

Chapter 1
September the 11th the Patriot Act and how they marginalized individual rights

Chapter 2
Bin Laden is the most wanted man in the world

Chapter 3
Saddam has weapons of mass destruction

Chapter 4
Saddam is evil

Chapter 5
We are spreading Democracy

Chapter 6
What? Do you think Iraq would be better if Saddam was still in power? Are you not a Patriot?

Chapter 7
I don’t care about Bin Laden

Damn I really miss him. I hope Jeb runs for pres in 2016

gruaud said...

2016 will be a landslide victory for Democrats because the Republican party has lost its fucking mind.

Who are your intellectuals? Anybody?
I remember William F. Buckley but he's dead. Anybody else?

Seriously. You've rejected science and even common sense. If you didn't have literally billions of dollars to spend on every election, you'd dry up and blow away. Because your ideas SUCK.

Hooray4US said...

Calling this juvenile is flattery. Conservative propaganda is now very infantile. Pathetic pablum.

Kiss my S said...

The best part? You could substitute a cartoon of Alberto Morales for the HRC figure and never need to change the text on the right.

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