Fwd: FW: Chelsea Clinton to Burger King, Too Funny!!!

Chelsea Clinton recently discussed current events with a U.S. Soldier.

She asked if, as an American fighting man, anything scared him.

He told her there were only three things he feared:

1)  Osama

2)  Obama


3)  Yo Mama



ferschitz said...

Why would anyone in the Military fear Osama bin Laden anymore? He's dead. Allegedly killed by Navy SEALs while Obama - the so-called Whopper King - was/is Commander in Chief.

Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

Chuck said...


Jane said...

Hillary has been for universal health care a long time...anyone to think she would be on board herself with having this is out of their mind!


Hooray4US said...

Small mercies? At least this doesn't compare Chelsea Clinton to a dog like Rush Limbaugh did in 1993. The Dittoheads clapped & cheered for Rush dissing & bullying a 13 year old.

Don't understand why the Military would fear Osama bin Laden, either.

gruaud said...

Why is Obamacare dangerous, Jane?

Everyone I know who've enrolled are very happy with it.

Perhaps you've been misinformed by the millionaire talking heads on your TV.

Anonymous said...

anyone to think she would be on board herself with having this is out of their mind!

I don't even understand what is trying to be said, I know it is about Hillary and universal health care. Chuck/Jane would you please take a remedial English and grammar course then come back to the forums?

Anonymous said...

Oh no, not universal health care! Not the ability for every American to go see a doctor when they need to! What would become of our great nation if that happened?!

Anonymous said...

WTF is Obamacare? There's no such thing. There's the Affordable Care Act, which, among other things makes health insurance compulsory and provides health care subsidies for many who need it.

There is no Obamacare! There's no office of Obamacare, no Obamacare cards, no Obamacare clinics! It's an insurance mandate, not a brand new socialized medicine commission.

People didn't wig out when the states, one by one (except NH) made auto insurance compulsory. Nobody claimed socialism then. Nobody claimed it would bankrupt them to purchase car insurance. Nobody came up with a clever name for compulsory car insurance...

Another Level said...

Republicans pretty much have bupkes in terms of viable candidates for the 2016 Pres election, especially now that Chris Christie - not that I ever found him viable myself - is going down like a submarine for Bridgegate scandal.

So try as conservatives might to smear Obama & HRC, whaddayagot to offer instead?

Sal said...


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