Fwd: FW: This video humbles you right down to your toes. Inbox x

This will put a lump in your Throat !!

This may want you to re-up or just feel proud of what you did while in the service! 


CharlieE said...

Five minutes of post-9/11 masturbation over everything involving the U.S. military....

...promoted by people who almost certainly haven't spent one day in uniform.

ferschitz said...

This may want you to re-up

... but only if you're poor and especially if you're a minority. Rich white kids need not apply.

P.S. Don't expect good Vet benies when you come back Stateside, loser. We only like to spout out "Support the Troops" because it's easy to say that. Forget about a good pension, too, ya lazy louse. Pull yer lazy *ss up by yer bootstraps.

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