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Subject: Two Pictures worth a billion words
 America, if you honestly wonder why and ask the same questions, please pass this one on simply because you do grasp the irony and actually understand the reason why you should!  Pretty incredible isn't it?I found in this case the friend who sent this to me was correct, the old phrase for decades was: a picture is worth a thousand words but here are two pictures which now are worth a billion words.
Enough said I think........ 

Nuff Said????  


Anonymous said...

Because it isn't true. Schools are only banned from forcing a prayer on everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs.

Wow, wrapped up that conundrum pretty darn quick! Is it lunch time yet?

Anonymous said...

I glanced at the pictures before reading anything and actually thought it was going to be about how we cannot provide a decent education to our children, but can to our prisoners, damn I am naïve.

Anonymous said...

Why is this ok?

First amendment. Guarantees freedom of both religion and peaceful assembly.

And this isn't?

Who says its not? Who has ever said that Tim Tebow, or any other football player or professional athlete, isn't allowed to pray? I must have missed the memo, because I see plenty of religion being practiced in our fields, courts and locker rooms.

Conservatives love Tim Tebow not just for his clean cut christian image but because they can twist the truth to make it look like he's the poster child for christian persecution. "Oh, people are so MEAN to poor Timmy, who's just trying to pray and practice his faith".

Except no one dislikes Tebow for his faith. They dislike him because he's a TERRIBLE, AWFUL, VERY BAD NO GOOD QUARTERBACK. And yet despite that fact he's been given millions of dollars, tons of fame and a whole ocean of slobbering media coverage.

If he weren't a clean cut, white, outspoken christian guy he never would have gotten half the attention or rewards he has received based solely on his own talent. His career is the ultimate distillation of how privilege works in our culture.

ferschitz said...

Unless I'm missing something, which is unlikely, I'm pretty sure that kids can bring their Bibles to school and read them during breaks and such. Geez. Typical rightwing Christian-y victimizing going on. And yes, prisoners can read the Bible and other scripture whilst behind bars. Isn't that supposed to be a "good thing"?

As for comparing Tim Tebow - he of the crap-o-shit quarterbacking "capabilities" - to Muslims praying probably at a Mosque??? WTF? How are those 2 things remotely "connected"? They're NOT.

Tebow is very obviously praying at a football game, which, last time I checked, is a very lucrative commercial enterprise. Muslims praying at their house of worship is a private religious institution exactly like other churches, syndagogues, etc.

And who the feck said it's "not ok" for Tebow to do his very very public praying thing?? I know a lot of people who roll their eyes & snort when Tebow does that, but it's mainly bc he's a crappy quarterback - didn't he just get dropped again??? - and his "prayer" is seen as a lot of grandstanding & attention-seeking behavior. I've never seen or heard of any mention of anyone trying to stop Tebow from doing his thing.

I think actually the Christian Bible has something to teach Tebow at Matthew 6: 5 - 7.

Hooray4US said...

What's ironic about prisoners being able to read the Bible while in jail? Isn't that what people of faith would like to see happen or be available for prisoners? Someone who has committed a crime but is now attempting to repent, to learn & redeem & improve themselves? Shouldn't Christians be happy to know that some prisoners are reading the Bible behind bars?

Agree with others: kids are not prevented from reading any scripture, whether Christian or otherwise, while at school.

Same can be said for stupid comparison of Muslims praying at a mosque & Tim Tebow praying in the middle of a football game.

More rightwing dishonest b.s. & typical Christian victimizing, even though no one is doing anything to prevent them from practising their faith.

This one's a huge reach and doesn't make any sense.

What a surprise... NOT.

Marc with a C said...

Main difference: in that crowd of Muslims, there's a good chance at least a few of them would make better quarterbacks than Tebow. Just sayin'.

blaney said...

To Marc: no doubt! Albeit, not a big stretch, either.

Snarla said...

Two pictures worth a billion words? Then why are there four pictures? Which two are the extra two? *confused*

Anonymous said...

Obama's picture inflation at work!

Anoner said...

To Snarla: yeah, no kidding. Rightwingers can't even count correctly. Kinda says it all about this worthless RWF, doesn't it?

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