Fw: About Benghazi

Subject: About Benghazi
"What difference does it make?!"
                                                               --  H. Clinton,  2013
Strong and to the point.
If you want to know how the United States Army Special Forces feel about Benghazi, take a look at this 49 second video!!


CharlieE said...

Some dude who claims to be a retired officer claims Obama killed Navy Seals in Benghazi.

That is all.

gruaud said...

Still jerking off over Benghazi, because they got nothing.

Marc with a C said...

The best part is the voice. If you took MaGruff the crime dog, gave him a stroke, and had him slur his way through an NRA ad, it'd still be more comprehensible.

ferschitz said...

There's certainly questions that can and perhaps should be asked about Benghazi. Sadly these tools aren't asking anything worth answering. It just dwindles to the usual: Obama's a moron hyuck hyuck hyuck hyuck.

In other words: pointless with overtones of racism for good measure.

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