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Subject: FW: Blame



Anonymous said...

This must be from our socialist friends from the north, the Canadians!

In the good ol' US of A we spell check with a CK, not a que... which is a little too close to queer for our likin.

ferschitz said...

Wow, talk about an "oldie." This looks like something I saw back in the late '60s/early '70s. Guess it's deliberate to appeal to rightwing geezers in the old folks home who don't keep up with the times.

Knock knock: College students don't dress like this anymore; what protests that happen on campuses these days are more narrowly focused than just on "we're against the establishment;" and many of the so-called freebies these students are discussing simply DO NOT EXIST.

Nice to live in a narrow-minded dreamworld filled with bald-faced lies, bullshit hype, hate & fear-filled propoganda.

Behold: corporate fascism.

gruaud said...


Hooray4US said...

Isn't this more applicable to Tea Baggers? Aren't most of them on "welfare" - Soc Sec & Medicare? Getting free geezer glasses & such. Except for the "baby bonus," most of the things listed are entitlements the old farts get (for now).

Aren't THEY the ones these days protesting "the establishment"?? They seem to still get out there periodically to rant & vetch about the gubmint and how horrible it is?

Clearly a case of projection going on here. Not surprised.

Hooray4US said...

To gruaud: snort! good one!

gruaud said...

I got the idea from ferschitz.

Anonymous said...

The hippies of yesterday are the Teabaggers of today, so it fits.

Peter Rauch said...

I think it works. That cartoon is an excellent example of the use of blame. In this case, blaming imaginary hippie freeloaders for the outcomes of the neoliberal project.

ferschitz said...

I must protest Anon, above, saying that the Hippies are not Tea Baggers. Mostly not true.

Most Tea Baggers were rightwing Republicans back in the day, and most were definitely not hippies. There were some exceptions.

Just saying... hafta defend me & mine!! ;-)

Agree with Peter Rauch, though. That's hitting the nail on the head.

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