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Anonymous said...

1777- The French show up with an army, a navy, and a ton of cash and help us actually win the war, something we couldn't have done by ourselves with just our precious "original assault rifles".

I know wingnuts suck at history, but this is pretty pathetic even for them. Trying to recast the Revolution as a struggle to stop gun confiscation is a major fail.

Also, if this is the "original", and wingnuts are always concerned with the "original" intent of the Framers when in comes to the Constitution, doesn't that pretty much make the case that they can have all the muskets they want but that other, non "original" guns weren't considered?

Finally, homicides by all guns: about 10000. Every. Single. Year.

Peter Rauch said...

Actually, the original assault rifle was the Sturmgewehr 44, named by one Adolf Hitler.

But if you want to associate it with your history and patriotism, be my guest.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... if the Revolution was about the British taking our guns, how come gun rights weren't put in the original constitution?

Anonymous said...

Right to bear arms, Libtard

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1
Ok, we'll take the 10,000 to 195,000 odds, Alex

gruaud said...

It's an amendment. The phrase was 'original constitution'.

Play again?

Anonymous said...

Ok, we'll take the 10,000 to 195,000 odds, Alex

You know what would be awesome? If you were as upset with those malpractice numbers -- which seem like a big problem to me -- as this irrational fear that you won't be able to shoot the entire US military when the revolution comes.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1
Ok, we'll take the 10,000 to 195,000 odds, Alex

Which proves at least 2 things:

1) You don't know what "medical malpractice" actually is. Doctors aren't roaming the countryside inflicting surgical complications and fatal drug interactions to random patients. Unlike gun homicides, which kill 10000 innocent people every year. Most deaths from "medical malpractice" are the result of error in attempting to cure a particular ailment, because medicine is really fucking complicated. The patients were already sick, and in many cases would have died anyway. Of course, medicine also saves many times as many lives. Avoiding the doctor to save yourself from medical error is like starving yourself to avoid getting E. coli.

2) You don't know how Jeopardy works.

Hooray4US said...

"Ok, we'll take the 10,000 to 195,000 odds, Alex"

Good for you! I whole-heartedly encourage you to never ever visit a doctor again!! Great idea! Do that!

And encourage all your Dittoheaded pals to do the same.

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