Fw: state of the union cartoon


Anonymous said...

Context? This pretty much sums up any president (some more than others) in my lifetime…

ferschitz said...

Like first Anon, I agree that this political cartoon is accurate.

Most US citizens are sheep, no matter how they vote or what they believe. Most US citizens prefer to see the US Pres as another "sheep" just like them, no matter what party.

The accuracy of the cartoon can be more informed by saying that the wolf represents the 1% who are politically managing the puppet called the US Pres.

Doesn't matter if the name is Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, GHW Bush, W Bush or Barack Obama. They are, one & all, puppets of some faction of the 1%, who definitely is laughing their asses off at fooling so many of the sheep to involve themselves in partisan bickering and b.s. "Team" rah-rahing for "their" political party.

So for once: good cartoon.
Sadly, though, not for the reasons that most of the Tea Partiers will see it.

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