Fw: Look at this, no surprise

no surprise
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 10:04 AM
Subject: Fw: Look at this, no surprise
Have you guys seen this?!?!

"This Dirtbag can't even be trusted to have an honest Debate"


Anonymous said...

If you look at Obama's coat, you can tell the image has been deliberately altered to make that part of the photo look like some sort of unusual object.

The original is a Reuters photo that I can't find on their site right now, but it's image #13 in the slide show on this Toronto Sun article.

Conclusion: Obama has some funny-looking ears (but doesn't need some sort of unusual earpiece I've never seen the like of before). And isn't it funny how conservatives care about this now, and not when the conspiracy theories were flying about Bush wearing a wire when he had a halfway-competent performance in one of his debates in '04?

Anonymous said...

So it's OK that Mitt Romney was designed and built completely by the Disney Animatronics lab, but the President can't wear a simple wire? Another example right-wing double standards.

gruaud said...

That story was resoundingly debunked by Snopes.

Face it, Thurston Howell the Third is going to be beaten like a drum next Tuesday and then you can go back to your birther nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Would you please provide a URL link for the Snopes debunk.

Kevin said...

"All Ears", snopes.com, 27 October 2012

gruaud said...

@ anon --NO. Look it it up yourself.

I'm not your internet babysitter. Spread your wings and fly, little bird.

The beauty of this is, once you figure out the internets, you don't have to be a slave to TV or to radio. Or to me or to anyone else.

You can make your OWN informed decisions.

Again, I'm not here to make friends. I already have them. I'm here to comment on this bullshit and to steer people to the facts.

What you do with those facts are up to you.

Good luck, little wing.

gruaud said...

Well, Kevin is a nicer soul than I am. And all of the regulars here know that.

But my point remains.

Don't rely on us! Dig for it yourself.

Anonymous said...

“Well, Kevin is a nicer soul than I am. And all of the regulars here know that”
You made 100 there

Thanks Kevin I like to have ammunition when people send me their right wing bull shit.
gruaud: I’m usually fairly good at researching these right wing forwards and I assure you I tried numerous times without success. I thought I asked in a reasonable way I’m on your side in debunking these lies but I’ll not bother you with any more questions.
Again thanks Kevin.

gruaud said...

Yeah, I know: I'm one of the bad guys. I realize some people want to suss out the bullshit, anon.

But the greatest failure of conservatives that I have seen is that they just take what is offered by the think tanks without doing the damned research or reading the fucking manual. Aside from their selfishness and bigotry, it is their casual acceptance of obvious lies that makes steam come out of my ears.

If I seemed impatient, it is because I am.

I apologize for being rude, because I frequently am rude here.

ferschitz said...

Thanks for the tip on Snopes. To me, this is such an *obvious* photoshop that it's clear as day what bullshit it is.

Conservatives clearly don't give a rat's patoot about facts, reality or even just frickin' analyzing a photo for more than 10 seconds. Duh.

Don't blame gruaud for his peevishness. It's tiresome dealing with the rightwingers who come here & sometimes hard to tell who's asking quetions for what purpose.

onwards & upwards....

No fan of either Obama or RMoney, but don't forget to vote, everyone.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives live in the 1950s. Back when a Photoshop was a place you had photos developed. They lap this all up because, in the real 50's, journalists rarely if ever outright lied as it was against their morals. Also, journalists were pretty much the only people that could put something on TV, or the paper, aside from a letter to the editor. People became conditioned to believe what they read, because most of the time they could.

Fortunately for us, these easily led people are getting old and will eventually die off, leaving the country a more progressive place.

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