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Don't know if this is true or not----just passing it on.
  Anybody been to Gatlinburg lately ????

  Subject: Gatlinburg

Here is a note I just received from a friend.

I'd like to remain anonymous in what I'm about to tell u but I welcome u
to share this thru email.

I'm returning now from being in Gatlinburg. I was shocked to notice that
many of the shops are replaced by new ones. The owners have foreign
accents. I would guess 80% are now run by Indians Pakistanis and now
Ukrainians! I asked one lady where she was from  and she said Ukraine. I
asked 2 other shop owners where they were from: Ukraine. I jokingly
asked " did you folks buy up the whole left side of Gatlinburg? She with
barely veiled hatred and disdain said" Yeah, pretty much".

I tried to ask a vendor whom I asked first if he was American, about
what was happening with all the foreigners. He refused to even talk
about it. I asked another group and they seemed afraid but one woman
spoke up with an attitude of careless determination and told us that the
chamber of commerce was Iranians. That there was nothing they could do
but try to stand. The others looked at her and each other nervously.

I spoke to a young lady in a in busy shop and she carefully began to
open up a little. She said the town was being bought up by a rich lawyer
called Joe Baker and that he is renting the shops out to foreigners
because they can afford higher rent since they don't have to pay taxes
for 5 years. She said the foreigners change the business name and sell
it to a relative and it continues tax free for 5 more years.

It's destroying Gatlinburg. It feels creepy. I asked what the religious
  a ffiliation of most of the foreigners was--they said: MUSLIM!!!!

A Muslim foothold in the mountains of Tennessee!
  Very scary and poignant!


Anonymous said...

Never having heard of this mythical "Gatlinburg" I turned to the magic Google. First result I got:


Gatlinburg opened a brand new liquor distillery this year, which is quite amazing for a place thats supposedly a "muslim stronghold". Maybe its for the Ukrainians. You know, the folks that probably aren't muslims.

And since when are we supposed to vilify rich folks like this "Joe Baker"? I thought the rich were our most patriotic citizens, and that buying up everything in sight was both their duty and their right?

Anonymous said...

I've heard the "foreigners don't pay taxes for X years" for decades. Heard it from German conspiracy friend about those people paying no taxes for 7 years when they immigrate to Germany.

I really would like to see the 1040 that has a check box that says "foreign birth? No taxes this year."

ferschitz said...


This nasty diatribing racist screed is cut & pasted from some bigot's post on this blog. I read through a number of blog posts on Topix covering the "dire issue" of damn furners (spelled that way by several different posters) "taking over" Gatlinburg, TN: the horror! the horror!

There were ALSO a number of posts that:

a) kept refuting that "foreigners" are "paid" to move to the USA and open businesses and/or don't pay any taxes for the first 5 years (this must be something that Rush says regularly), etc.

b) several posted that they quite enjoyed Gatlinburg and didn't experience any different treatment in shops/services whether they were run by WHITES or by non-whites.

c) a lot complained about too many ticky-tacky touristy shops, in general, plus horrific traffic in & around Gatlinburg, but then somehow managed to make that fault of "ragheads" or "sand jockeys" (I am quoting), who are solely & only responsible for "ruining" Gatlinburg for pure & fabulous WHITE people.

d) a few who posted pointed out that many foreigners who come to the USA are willing to work long hours, 7 days per week, forego such things as big houses, expensive toys, numerous cars & vacations in order to build up small businesses & make a living. There were a number of posts pointing out that many WHITE Americans are very lazy & entitled, and are just jealous of foreigners who are doing well.

I'll continue my story in the next post...

ferschitz said...

I've never been to Gatlinburg or the Smokey Mountains, myself. I hear that the area, in general, is quite beautiful.

What I do know is that a sibling did *complain* to me at least a decade ago about what a mess Gatlinburg had become in their opinion. My sibling did not indulge in racist comments, nor did they whine about Muslims or Arabs or foreigners "taking over" lily WHITE Gatlinburg & ruining it for the lily WHITES.

My sibling merely noted that, like MANY beautiful destination spots in the USA (and likely world-wide), it HAS become over-run with touristy junk shops, plus loads of hotels & motels, and yes, even over a decade ago, the traffic apparently was horrid. My sibling merely noted that it was "too bad," but this kind of thing happens in many destination tourist spots *unless the local government/ business community/ chamber of commerce steps in to manage the growth more responsibly.

And so here's the rub: we have these lily WHITE racists whining about so-called "foreigners" ruining Gatlinburg, but per usual, the diatribing rightwing racists indulge themselves in their usual *victimization* not wishing to take one whit of *responsibility* for dealing with the issues and perceived problems.

Hey: I thought all you so-called "libertarian" conservatives were all UP with NO regulations & let the "free market" rule supreme??? Well, then, here you go: this is what happens.

Sounds to me like the local govt of Gatlinburg just let everything happen and took no steps to manage growth & development, and: voila! This is what happens.

I haz confuzed: conservatives want NO regulations, NO laws, NO govt, but then when that happens somehwere, they want to whine & cry & throw temper tantrums because they don't like it! boo de effen hooo.... and then how convenient to be bigoted racist diatribing creeps by just *blaming* it all on disgusting dusky-hued so-called Muslims, who you conveniently charge with being rude (were you lily whites rude first???) & so on.

Sounds like a LOT of jealousy going on here. Some non-whites happen to settle in Gatlingburg and "make it." Surprise, surprise: the local KKK members have a shit-fit.

Anonymous said...

Ukrainians? My God. If Gatlinburg fell to them, then it won't be long before we're all eating borscht and playing the bandura. Red, white and blue will be replaced with blue and yellow! We're doomed!

Hooray4US said...

These white supremacists need to vacation somewhere like the Hamptons, West Palm Beach FL, or Santa Fe NM. Then they can be dissed & talked down to by hoity-toity, snobby, but very very white people!

Anoner said...

The Ukrainians I know are white and usually Orthodox Catholic. Oh wait: COMMIES!!!!111!!!111

Anonymous said...

Don't have time to dig up many sources here, but if you'll forgive the source, here's a Democratic Underground thread on the topic, with people pointing out that "furriners don't pay taxes!" is only true for diplomats. Otheres even mention having to pay FICA without even being able to claim the Social Security benefits afterward.

Anonymous said...

"It feels creepy. I asked what the religious affiliation of most of the foreigners was - they said: MUSLIM!!!!"

Then this is all bogus because the correct response would have been "Islam".

Islam denotes the religion; Muslim refers to the person who follows Islam.

Anonymous said...

we have a vacation home in gatlinburg, there are alot of foreigners there, but if you look around they are everywhere, they own just about every hotel and convience store and gas station. If americans would stand up and go to work, they too could have the same opportunity. We have become a lazy nation and we will soon be taken over by people that are more aggresive and have a desire to work and not rely upon our government to take care of us, our country was built upon hard work and capitalism, we better stand up and take our country back before its too late.

Anonymous said...

Fershitz is full of shitz...I know not one conservative who wants NO government, NO regulations, etc. Fershizzle must be an Obamabot... Seeing racism behind every tree. Lefties are real good at setting up straw men and then knocking them down, building fabricated "facts" and then debunking them. Such a sill ass...

Anonymous said...

.I know not one conservative who wants NO government, NO regulations, etc.

And yet that's what a lot of them claim in their rhetoric.

An lot of them don't technically want NO government, but in practice they want government to have no real role, and regulations to be so weak as to be worthless.

Fershizzle must be an Obamabot

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You haven't been here more than 2 minutes if you think Fershitz has any love for Obama. The difference is he criticize the President for actual policy reasons, not because of blind hatred based on false information and paranoid conspiracy theories.

Seeing racism behind every tree.

Pretty easy to see something if its sitting in the tree branches smiling at you.

Lefties are real good at setting up straw men and then knocking them down, building fabricated "facts" and then debunking them

Once again, its always projection. As if we needed another reminder.

ferschitz said...

LOL: now I'm an Obamabot? NOT.

Whatever. Talk about building a strawman argument: the conservative Anon post *cherry picks* my one comment about conservatives wanting NO govt, NO regulations, and then: voila you get something like Gatlinberg's congested ticky-tacky wasteland.

Well I happen to routinely hear my libertarian/Tea Party friends venting about wanting NO regulations & let the Free Market "take care" of everything.

My point: this is what happens when you rely on the so-called "Free Market," and the local govt (most likely bought off by developers) does nothing to control growth.

If Anon conservative doesn't believe in that? Fine. But most of my conservative friends subscribe to this "theory."

I wrote two long, very detailed posts about this, but conservative Anon decries ME for seeing racism & using it as Straw Man. Well go read the blog that I referenced, and you'll SEE for yourself loads & loads of racism. I didn't make it up. Look in the mirror and be honest with yourself.

LOL: thanks for the laugh for proving my point.

Hooray4US said...

Conservative Anon cries wolf about ferschitz building a Straw Man agrument based on the very obvious racism in this ranting screed.

What Straw Man arguement is that? This RWF IS racist, as well as the blog on which it was based.

Typical of Conservative Anon to completely "write off" ferschitz's post as worthless based only on the notion that "no conservatives" ever have said they want NO govt or NO regulations. Like ferschitz, I have also had conservative & libertarian friends and relatives rant at me about how regulations & big govt is "ruining" everyting and there shouldn't be any Regulations because the "market" will "take care of everything."

Maybe conservative Anonymous's friends don't say that? doubtful. I hear it all the time. Plus listen to Rush once day, and you'll get it full force.

Give it up Conservative Anon. Your "arguement" is beyond pathetic. And then you pop out that ferschitz is just an Obamabot, when in fact: not so much.

Typical lack of any real thought process OR research - which is what we comment about here all the time about conservatives. Typical cherry pick out one sentence and then toss out the whole entire well-written post based on what you decide is some sort of "falsehood" (except it's not).

Thanks for the laugh, and thanks for the proving the entire point of this site. Way to go.

Shonna Williams said...

Let's be honest, this is a "scociological" issue. This thread is ridiculous, how ignorant Americans really are. Tennessee is not a racist state, before subjecting all of the Caucasian here into a mass segregation, you need to live here first.

There are family owned businesses, from generations that have been passed down. We take great pride in our "historical" land sights, and shops. The rich past is what, Gatlin Burge, and Pigeon Fordge was built on. Are you a progressive liberal, who likes to slander "classic" conservatives? Then, this isn't the destination for you. Nor, is it a place to judge until you personally interact with our aboriginal/natives and our white settlers.

The fact the "original" heritage, is being over-runned by international immigrants, is the issue. I've already stated, this structure IS intended to preserve history. Locals, would rather tell their stories of their families battle, through the hardships in the Smokies. They're survivors, and most didn't own shoes (hill Billie's). There is "no" international immigrant that can personally represent the founders of the Mountains.

Culturally, we'll lose history. This, is a sciological issue.

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