Fw: MAXINE ON OBAMA....!!!!!!

        On  Obama.. 

It seems  that once again all us white folks have missed a  great opportunity.

While  the Black people attended Obama's campaign rallies, we should have broken into their  homes  and gotten  all our shit back.


Anonymous said...

Poor Maxine. Why do they abuse you so? Why do they think that putting their racist, ignorant bile in your mouth somehow makes it cute or thoughtful or acceptable?

gruaud said...

Well, who doesn't love plastic pink flamingos?

Marc with a C said...

Guess you shouldn't have spent all those hours in line at Chic-Fil-A, huh?

Anonymous said...

I like the subtext that white people are always missing out on "great opportunities" rather than, like, being handed them almost constantly.

Anonymous said...

The election is over...build a bridge and get over it!

God damn it!

Winky ;-)

ferschitz said...

Pssst, hey: conservatives!

Keep. It. Up!!

Yep: you heard from me. Keep up your WHITE Supremacy racist bigoted diatribes.

That means in future elections, it'll be a landslide for Democrats because citizens are sick & tired of this white supremacy racist nonsense.

So: Keep. It. Up. Please!

CharlieE said...

But Republicans aren't racist. I know because they say so!

Hooray4US said...

"While the Black people attended Obama's campaign rallies, we should have broken into their homes and gotten all our shit back."

1. Duly noted that someone cleaned up their language and called them "Black people." Amazing.

2. Have all rednecks had their trailers burglarized? WTF? Maybe they need to lay off the Meth & moonshine, so they don't leave their doors open for other Meth & Oxycontin-heads to rip them off (who else would want their crap?).

3. When did Jesus ever say: if you get robbed by someone, go ahead and rob that F****r back? In which Bible verse will I find that quote?

What a bunch of racist peckerheads. Maxine wants to punch their lights out.

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