Fw: America pronounces judgment on itself

This was a devastating loss and setback for America and its founding principles.  Pardon the redundancy if you have already read this article; otherwise, I thought you might also find Joseph Farah’s insights, questions, and “musts” resolutions helpful:


America pronounces judgment on itself

Exclusive: Joseph Farah on Obama election: 'It's time to double-down and fight harder'



gruaud said...

It's not a setback for America at all.

It's a dramatic repudiation of greed, cynicism, bigotry, and religious intolerance.

You think going even more extreme will win you future elections?

Please proceed.

Anonymous said...

I'd advise folks not to click on that link.... pop ups and a frozen screen resulted here.

hmm, ever notice how the right-wing websites can't survive without the bottom-feeder advertisers?

ferschitz said...

Hey! I totally, utterly, completely & wholeheartedly AGREE with this RWF, and no, I'm not kidding At. All.

PLEASE DO pass it on to all of your rightwing Tea Party pals.

You madder 'n hell, I HATES the "N" word, Teabaggers should most definitely double down, nay, triple or quadruple down on your antics & beliefs & "fight harder" in exactly the same way that y'all been doing.

Please! Pretty please with a cherry on top!!

ferschitz said...

Hey gruaud: didn't ya just LOVE Turdblossom on Fox on election night?

Cue the Woody Woodpecker laugh, stat!!

Karma bitch-slapped KKKarl good 'n hard! And it was a thing of beauty!

Anonymous said...

Its time to double down on bigotry and exclusiveness. Its been the democrats all along that have been dividing this country, not people like me stating polarizing, Evangelical Christian rhetoric. This is the winning strategy...

gruaud said...

@ ferschitz

His national meltdown was the best part. Even better than 538's vindication.

I was never worried, especially after watching the RNC. What a fucking joke.

Yeah, conservatives, you need to get even CRAZIER.
Goose-stepping might help. Try that.

Thx 4 Fish said...

I've been enjoying myself since Tues. Watching Fox can sometimes be a lot of fun! Election night with Rove was priceless.

I think those of us with RWDs have earned this interlude of schadenfreude. I've watched them be sad, then get angry again like mindless badgers attacking a cement wall. But we've heard all this anger before. Can it get more exteme? Are they going to come up with something more bizarre than the Tea Party? I really can't wait.

ferschitz said...

When I get bored, I just watch KKKarl Rove melting down on Fake Noise. The. Best. Thing. EVAH!!11!!

So-called "conservatives" have created this weird world that they like to call reality, but it all came crashing down on the Rover's head on Tues night. "WHAT? MY "Math" isn't be "used" to "determine" who "won" in OHIO???? Off with their heads!!"

I've been saying for a while: how much more unhinged & delusional can conservatives get?? Sadly, there seems no end to their ability to create a warped twisted bubble in which to "live."

Good luck with that, TeaTardz. How'd it work out for ya on Tuesday???

Gonna quintuple down on the batshit nuttiness, are you? Ok. Good luck with that!

Maybe you can endlessly hire Clint Eastwood to yell at empty chairs on Fake & Friends. That's should be "entertaining."

ferschitz said...

To gruaud:

I always thought that Obama would win, but probably for different reasons than you did. I just figured that Wall St & the Banks wanted him back to keep feeding them OUR tax dollars.

That said, I had a moment's pause after the First Debate. But then as Full Belted Earl Mitt of the La Jolla Car Elevators continued in his lying, flip-flopping, sneeringly condescending way, I figured that Obama had a LOCK on it.

Of course, Nate Silver has the nerve to, you know, use dirty LIEbrul math, so the rest is, as they say: history!

I admit to a whole lotta schaden with my freude over watching Mitt & Paul R-Ayn go down in flames, along with watching conservative heads a-sploding, most especially KKarl the Con Rove!


Hal Morris said...

I'm afraid what's going on here is a mirror image of what goes on in the right wing blogs: just calling people stupid, and competing for the most clever/nasty wordplays/putdowns.

Few people want to think about is seriously.

So little serious attention is paid to the right-wing blogosphere that Pres. Obama seemed to think Romney originated the "Apology tour" meme, which has been strenuously promoted for the last 3-1/2 years.

A new and very disturbing meme is you see "sic semper tyrannis" all over the place if you know where to look. Latin for something "thus always to tyrants", but better know as what John Wilkes Booth shouted as he killed President Lincoln. For some extended thoughts on this, see


gruaud said...

Hey, I call 'em as I see 'em. If you think that my writing that the result of this election is a 'repudiation of bigotry and cynicism' is a nasty putdown, brother, you ain't been paying attention.

This is not a mirror image of RW blogs AT ALL.

Go visit them. I do routinely. If you can't discern the differences, all I can say is wow.

Anonymous said...

gruaud...Those synthetic drugs are bad for ya and maybe you should ease up on the bath salts...(just because I care)...

Winky ;-)

gruaud said...

Holy shit, wink just made me lol.

Bump it.

Anonymous said...

LOL ;-)

Winky ;-)

Goooooooo Obama!!!!!

Hal Morris said...

Anonymous gruaud said.

Hey, I call 'em as I see 'em. If you think that my writing that the result of this election is a 'repudiation of bigotry and cynicism' is a nasty putdown, brother, you ain't been paying attention.

This is not a mirror image of RW blogs AT ALL.

(#1) Don't take it too personally. I think it's part of being being human that we need to wise up to. A 'repudiation of bigotry and cynicism' is true up to a point, but I think our natural impulses are profoundly unhelpful and lead us to put too much faith that we'll solve our problems by searching for the bad guy(s) and punching them literally and figuratively.

(#2) I'm just very worried and at a loss, and think this is serious stuff that needs to be dealt with. Just before the 2010 election, I was writing to the NPR "On the Media" people, and trying to track down people I heard being interviewed to try find someone who'd listen to ideas about how to fight it, because I'm sure a lot of this stuff -- the stuff where somebody is obviously flat out lying and being pretty clever about it (not the photoshopping of an eagle weeping or various forms of the "Obama as turd" meme).

gruaud said...

I'm not 'anonymous' gruaud. I have a distinct identity, and I have been an internet personality for over 15 years. Who are you? Who cares, Hal? You aren't any better than me because your name is Hal Morris. Just like anyone named anonymous, I'm better than? Fucking ridiculous. Ideas matter.

Not identities.

How do we combat the media? Well, gee, fucking whiz, do you you think you're the first person to realize what we're up against? I've been fighting this crap all my life.

If you've read me, you'd know that I've already put out the means to combat this shit. Trouble is, I'm not a fucking billionaire.

I'm easy to dislike. But I'm not the enemy.

The enemy is out there. Fight him.

Anonymous said...

What was it that I didn't get in the 1950's? High growth with High taxes? The Interstate highway system? A growing middle class? The G.I. bill of rights? High paying union jobs? The desegregation of schools. Equal opportunity through the Warren Court? Progress?
The reaction was one thing, and that one thing was R. RayGun! The turd in the punch bowl of progress. For every deregulation caused bubble there is also a reaction. This one is called the Great Recession.
You moss back Pubs. are as nutty as moms fruit cake. However, your chickens just came home to roost. Open your eyes and look around. Your day has passed. Your fucked

gruaud said...

I also feel that the Reagan moment was the high tide of the Confederacy, not Pickett's charge at Gettysburg.

And he, not surprisingly, was also amazingly WRONG.

About pretty much everything.

But that fucker sure could smile, couldn't he? And his stories? So fucking cute.

All lies.

ferschitz said...

It's all very easy to lecture liberals who have the nerve to say mean things about rightwingers & their delusional, nasty, vitriolic "take" on reality.

We Libs are supposed to be better than that and be all "make nice" and talk sensibly & reasonably to batshit loons are out of control, talking teasonous stuff, and being total shitheads. Ironically, no one seems much to want to tell the Tea Party to STOP. BEHAVING. LIKE. JERKS.

Nay, rather, let's go yell at Liberals for fighting back against the very obvious LIES, distortions, pandering propoganda, bullshit, hype, spin & bigoted racist sexist homophobic nonsense that's spun out daily by the rightwing think tank propoganda wurlitizer & *madly* embraced by the Tea Partiers as factual truth & the ultimate excuse to behave like bullying jerks on steriods.

I DO speak calmly & rationally to *many* rightwingers that I know (some I like & care about; some I don't). What I generally find is someone who listens to El Lushbo & Weird Glenn 24/7/365 in between watching FAKE.

They simply don't give a shit about about inconvenient things like reality & truth.

We ALL witnessed KKKarl Rove having a hissy fit on Election Night when his clearly GINNED UP & FAKE "Math" didn't accord with the "reality" that Rover wanted.

Kiss my ass, if you don't like it that I take some *pleasure* in witnessing what - hopefully (albeit I won't hold my breath, as I duly prepare for the worst) - becomes some of the last, dying gasps of the nasty, mean-spirited, ugly, bullying, tirading bullshit nonsense of rightwingers, who have rushed to embrace tin-pot CON artists who sell them on being racist, know-nothing, creepy, homophobic, sexist shitheads... and preach to them that this is their bounden right & Jeebus loves them when their hateful.


Hooray4US said...

I loved watching Karl Rove on Election night, myself. I would say it was Comedy Gold, if Rove wasn't such a blight on our once great nation.

Rush Limbaugh (and his ilk) is in it to make money. Period. Rush Limbaugh is NOT a patriotic American. He's a sleazy flim-flam Con Artist snake oil salesman. He'll say whatever it takes to jizz up his dittoheads and keep the money rolling in.

Limbaugh don't give a crap about the Republican Party, who wins or who loses. The money keeps rolling in, while the dittoheads nod & nod their vacant heads in agreement with Limbaugh, no matter who's in the White House, the Congress or on the Supreme Court. Fact is: "business" is probably better 'n ever for Limbaugh with BLACK Obama in the White House cuz it gives Limbaugh more hatred & fear to feed his slavering minions. Limbaugh probably jumped (well insofar as is possible) for joy when Obama won the other night: CHA-CHING!!!!!

So go ahead, conservatives: keep listening to your tin-pot "god" Limbaugh, and dance to his tunes. Keep doubling down on your nasty racist, homophobic, sexist ways, and let's see where that gets you.

Go for it!

Outasite said...

LOL. I agree with Hooray. I wouldn't be surprised if Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly & all the rest of those mouth pieces not only voted for Obama but secretly contributed millions to his campaign!

Think I'm pulling your leg? Not so much. Obama's been a huge gold mine for the rightwing lunatic fringe fluffers, like these clowns. The money's just piled in whilst "that one" has been in office.

I'm sure ALL of those rightwing con artists were happy as clams when Obama won. Lots more money to fleece off of the tribalistic authoritarian racist rubes. Yay!

Cue Joel Grey & Liza Minelli singing "Money Makes Ze Vorld Go Around..."

gruaud said...

Well, gee, Hal Morris...who are the bad guys again? Oh yes, it's LIBERALS. Welp, your shit just blew up and splattered all over you. How ya like that?

God damn, I HATE that "both sides do it" crap. Such a safe harbor, and such a fucking lie.

Why don't you stay on your own little COMMENT-LESS blog and stop concern-trolling here. We liberals need actual fighters.

Good news?

David Brooks won't live forever. You can apply at NYT on-line.

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