Fw: Requiem for America (unknown writer..._) :(

Subject: Fw: Requiem for America (unknown writer..._) :(

Boy,  What a well thought out and written essay that is right on target! America has reached the tipping point…………… There is no turning back.

Last night’s election was most disturbing and disheartening to me. It certainly was not a landslide victory for Romney as I had predicted. I now realize that I was thinking with my heart and not my head. I did not want to believe that our country had changed so much, and that a failure like Obama could actually get re-elected and be given an opportunity to “Finish the job”. “Finish the Job” are his words from his acceptance speech, last night. Therein lies the problem. To the uneducated and ill-informed Obama Zombies, “Finish the Job” means that he will continue to work to improve the economy, create jobs, etc. To Obama, and those of us who possess critical thinking skills and have ears and actually listen, “Finish the Job” means to “Fundamentally Transform America”! Obama’s plan has been and will continue to be to diminish America and his pledge to “Finish the job” is a threat that is actually applauded by the numbskulls that voted for him, support him and cheer for him.
This morning, all the pundits are offering their worthless opinions about how Obama won and how the Republicans lost and what needs to be done. These self-avowed intellects are blaming Romney’s strategy, Romney’s timidity, the Republican Party establishment, the media, and on and on. Many believe that a more Conservative candidate is the solution. Others believe that the Tea Party posture is too extreme and it frightens the electorate. Still others believe the Republicans need to find a way to attract single women, Blacks, Latinos, and Gays. In other words, the Republicans need to become “Democrat Light” if they want to win.
Folks, the problem is not the candidate, nor the Republican Party. Romney was a great choice and he would have been a great president. The problem is not the Republican platform or the Tea Party tugs to the right. The problem is that the Republicans are selling products, values, beliefs, that too many of the present day electorate ain’t buying. The Republicans/Conservatives  are selling what the people don’t want…..accountability, self-sufficiency, competition, success, hard work, honesty, respect, family values, God, Pro-Life, American Exceptionalism,  traditional marriage, border control and legal immigration, sanctity of life, Constitutional Rights and freedoms, smaller government, less dependence on government, less taxes, fiscal responsibility, freedom to get rich, freedom to own firearms, freedom of religion, free speech, etc.
America has changed!
It’s not the candidate and it’s not the platform. It’s the changed electorate. This is no longer Post WW II  America. That generation is gone and those values are gone. The last generation with solid American values is mine and we are dying off daily. We are the sons and daughters of the Greatest Generation. All the following generations (my children and their children) are kids from the 60’s and 70’s with different values towards America, fiscal responsibility, world politics, drugs, music, entertainment, fashion, language, education, work ethic, etc. Not all of these generations, but too many!
Today’s Americans see things in a different way. They see:
Abortion….not murder
Free contraceptives……not Freedom of Religion
Gun control…….not 2nd Amendment rights
Fairness….not competition
Government assistance……not independence
Gay marriage and tolerance…….not values and beliefs
Illegal immigration and a “live and let live” attitude/lawlessness……..not border control
A One World mentality……..not American Exceptionalism
Spend more than we earn…….not fiscal responsibility
Cut defense spending  and spend more on social justice…..not peace through strength
Tax the rich/successful more……..not encourage success and entrepreneurialism
Divisive class warfare…….not “E Pluribus Unum”

Folks, I fear that today’s electorate is the proverbial dog that caught the truck. They are not going to understand the consequences of their actions until it’s too late and the worst part of it is, there is nothing we can do to prevent this! We can preach until the cows come home. We are fighting against the times, the education system, the media, the New World Order.
All we can do is look at our America as the Shining City on the hill that once existed. America will become the legend, like Camelot. Tales will be written about America and movies will be made. Songs will be sung and future generations will wistfully gaze up to the heavens as they privately (and perhaps secretly) muse about how wonderful such a place as America must have been. It’s a Camelot story and at the same time a Planet of the Apes tale. My grand-children will read that …………”….for one brief shining moment there was a place called Camelot/America”!
Farewell, America.
God bless the land that I loved!


Anonymous said...

You’re right we don’t want the Bull Shit publicans are selling.
Go drink some more publican Kool Aid it’ll wash that BS & yellow cake right down.

Thx 4 Fish said...

The right wing has really done a number on its own most devoted followers. Fear and anger can easily turn to depression and defeat. If they spent a little more time contemplating the idea of avoiding "thinking with my heart and not my head" they might be able to move on to a more positive outlook. The constant anger, fear, depression and defeatism would exhaust me. I don't know how they can take such a relentlessly miserable outlook on life.

ferschitz said...

I'd sure like to see a Requiem for turgid nonsense like this piece of lying bombast pumped out by some shiftless Con-Artist rightwing think tanks. These victimized Tea Partiers love to live in a fantasy-land that says: it *used to be* all so fabulous! Until the Blahs *ruined* my fabulous WHITE life.

I, too, don't get how Tea Partiers can *consent* to living in a world of unending butt-hurt FEAR & loathing. It's certainly not healthy or uplifting, but attempting to figure it why anyone would want to ceaselessly whine & cry about their alleged "horrid lot in life" (when their pathetic lives & life styles are probably just fine) is not worth contemplating.

Carry on...

gruaud said...

Cue the violins.

CharlieE said...

Actually, we don't want a party that says it's OK for DuPont to dump toxic waste in our front yard while telling us that we can't marry whomever we choose.

We don't want a party that bases its economic policy on the needs of the 400 richest Americans to the exclusion of the interests of everyone else.

We don't want a party that insists on paying for everything with...oh, that's right, they don't insist on paying for anything.

We don't want a party that supports businesses that secretly hire illegals while claiming that illegals are destroying the country.

We don't want a party that's funded by contributions from climate change deniers who happen to run companies that rank in the top ten for polluters.

We don't want a party that treats gays, women, students, minorities, members of the military, and people who actually work for a living as if they were second class citizens.

When the Republicans begin to understand these things, they'll be competitive again.

Marc with a C said...

"This is no longer Post WW II America."

Somehow, through the magic of time-travel, it is now 1938. Gas is 5 cents a gallon, FDR is president, and Dodgers are one of the baseball powerhouses.

Anonymous said...

1938! I've got to warn everyone about Hitler! And get to the Ice Cream Store!

CharlieE said...

The article seems to have originated here:


Don't know why the sender didn't know that.

Anonymous said...

All of this is crap, but a few really stood out to me:

tolerance…….not values and beliefs

For me, tolerance is a value, and a pretty important one. I don't think I'm alone.

Cut defense spending and spend more on social justice…..not peace through strength

Well we've tried the "Peace through Strength" thing since the dawn of man, and it hasn't exactly worked. Maybe trimming a few bucks off the still amazingly huge military budget to invest in, you know, actual people and their lives might be a better investment.

Divisive class warfare…….not “E Pluribus Unum”

Ya, because Republicans know NOTHING about dividing up people and pitting them against each other in order to gain power.

Also, doesn't unity imply that everyone shares the pain and everyone benefits from the gains? Because I'm not really seeing that lately.

gruaud said...

Screw it, I went to the ice cream store.

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