charlie said...

How to stop a feminist

Why does RWD believe feminists are fat?

He does not say. [citation needed]

What might have happened on September 11...

Mother Jones has been keeping track of gun shootings since 1980. During that time, there isn't a single instance of an armed private citizen stopping a mass killing. Not one.

It's a Republican fantasy. if we did permit guns on commercial aircraft, we'd have people shooting one another in close quarters, people would die, and Republicans would just call that "the price of freedom."

A reality TV show where Socialist college students are sent to live in a country that closely resembles their desired political ideology and left to survive for a couple weeks.

Why does RWD believe that college students would have a hard time surviving for a few weeks in Sweden, Germany, or Finland?

First thing they do is BUILD A WALL

Actually, they simply closed streets to auto traffic; pedestrians are welcome without restriction.

Asking her to apologize for slavery...

Comparing institutional slavery to a one-time attack on a naval base is an apples and oranges comparison.

The left controls every major institution in America...mainstream media, administrative government...

The media bends over backwards to support Donald Trump and won't even use the word "lie" in a headline that contains the word "Trump." In 1998, 100 American newspapers called for Bill Clinton's resignation after his impeachment; in 2020, only two have called on Trump to resign. No, the mainstream media is not controlled by the left. Neither is big tech, unless you think that Trump buddy Mark Zuckerberg is really a liberal, and neither is "administrative government," as most state governments are controlled by Republicans.

So "institutional racism" is pretty much the Republicans' fault, but you knew that.

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