FW: FW: How to get Liberals to Like Trump


charlie said...

No, with a man bun, Donald Trump would still be the world's most horrible human being.

That debate was settled in 1791

Actually, that debate was sort of settled in 2008, when Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia made up a non-existent Constitutional right to self-defense in order to justify private ownership of firearms, which are not mentioned in the Constitution.

The Constitution only says that you can have arms as part of a "well-regulated" militia.

Scalia's decision will eventually be overturned.

If dead people and illegals were voting for Republicans...

Dead people and illegals aren't voting for anyone, making this entire argument moot.

Words that piss me off

It's one thing to shun science, which is a sign of ignorance. It's another thing to make that ignorance public.

Socialism illustrated

I've yet to meet a Republican who paves his own roads.

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