FW: FW: Biden Vs. Trump


charlie said...

Voting for Trump may or may not indicate that you're a racist.

It does indicate that you're not well informed, nor do you have the best interests of the country in mind.

Donald Trump isn't very bright. Isn't very curious. Isn't very knowledgeable. He isn't interested in learning anything. He knows nothing about U.S. policy, either foreign or domestic. He doesn't understand how our system of government works, nor is he interested in learning about that.

He is interested only in Donald Trump, and every action he takes is to ensure the best outcome for Donald Trump personally.

He wants to cut wages. He wants to cut funding for disease control and healthcare. He wants to increase pollution. He thinks we should use the military more often - within the U.S., if he sees fit.

Finally - Donald Trump is only interested in spending time with other rich people, as that is the only measure of success that he is capable of grasping.

If you're not a millionaire or billionaire, he would want nothing to do with you.

Yet some 40% of Americans still think this guy's worth a vote.

BTW - Why would casting a vote for Biden make one a pervert? I'd think that casting a vote for Biden simply means that you have the good sense not to vote for Donald Trump.

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