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charlie said...

I'm not sure why Republicans would forward this.

Democrats support comprehensive health care for everyone, and they believe it should be funded by appropriate taxation.

Republicans believe that taxes should be zero and that they should still have government services. Logically one can only assume that they believe those services should be free.

Democrats are fine with paying for things. It's the Republicans who want free stuff.

Unknown said...

"Sharp Shtik Trump Train aka Bannon Badger • 7 minutes ago
Democrat Party of Crime is an Umbrella Terrorist Organization over ANTIFA, BLM, LaRaza, Muslim Brotherhood, . . . Nothing but socialists, communists, islamists & sympathizers (cucks)"

---Comments thrread Breitbart article.

"The Democrat Party now represents the nation’s wealthiest citizens, while working-class Americans have flocked to the Republican Party over the last decade, analysis finds.

In research produced by the Wall Street Journal, Democrats and Republicans have seemingly switched voter bases through the decades, shifting political positions on trade and immigration to benefit those voters."

---article from Breitbart website, dayed October 16, 2019

---Mandalay Bay Hotel in 2017 fixated guy.

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