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charlie said...

Shoes left by victims of gun control, Germany, 1945

For the thousandth time, Hitler loosened gun laws.

You mean like carrying a gun?

Masks protect you from other people who may be spreading a lethal, incurable disease. Guns do not do this.

Imagine being a Democrat and having to pretend...

It's not hard; Joe Biden is competent, Hillary Clinton has been proven innocent, time and again (and even by Trump's own DOJ) and Barack Obama did a spectacular job.

These things are ail indisputably true.

Our forefathers in 1944 facing almost certain death.

COVID-19 is contagious and untreatable, and may people who survive will have life-altering aftereffects.

Also - the guys at D-Day were forced to be there, as nearly all of them were drafted. It's not like they had the choice of staying home.

Being LGBTQ+ isn't a personality trait

[citation needed]

Go ahead and laugh at cops

No one is laughing at cops. People are complaining that cops are killing citizens.

You have to admire her optimism

Once again, RWD confuses rape with sex.

No it doesn't affect my baby

Greta Thunberg is seventeen years old. Why is RWD picking on a child?

Unknown said...

Who does RWD think is laughing at the cops right now?

--Mandalay Bay Hotel in 2017 fixated guy.

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