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 Kaepernick's Oppression

Just so you know and understand where he’s coming from…this is the oppression that mediocre ex-NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been forced to endure…


Manuel Noriega said...

True dat!!!!!

charlie said...

The post-9/11 worship of the military by the Right continues to baffle me.

Earn good grades, get a scholarship, attend Harvard = You're an elitist who is to be scorned.

Earn terrible grades, have no college prospects, enlist in the Army because you have no better options = You are to be worshiped.

Don't get it. Never have.

delagar said...

RWD to protesters in Ferguson: "Get a job, you losers!"

RWD to NFL Protesters: "Why are you complaining? You've got good jobs!"

Mr_Creosote said...

Charlie said:

"worship of the military by the Right continues to baffle me"

It baffles me too, as to why some people fall for it. As to why the right does it, it's very simple, and quite par for the course:

It's one of the supporting pillars of fascism. I'm surprised they didn't photoshop in a holy cross being held by that soldier.

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