MRWD Housekeeping Post for Wednesday, November 28, 2017

Greetings from MRWD HQ,

This is a big update but bear with me, it appears that MRWD is slacking on taking his county back.  I thank everyone who has been submitting forwards, however the flow has died down to a trickle.  Is it because the right is in charge of all 3 branch government and cannot claim to be under the tyrannical yoke of the liberals, the propaganda machines have moved on to Twitter/Facebook and other platforms of dissemination other than E-mail, or has the right-wing think tanks been taken over by the Russian bots?  The last one I do find kind of ironic as it is depicting how once again American jobs are being stolen by automation and the damn foreigners!  Who knows?

Anyway, I do have a lot of unpublished older Obama-is-a-socialist-Kenyan-dictator-bent-on-taking-over-the-world-by-taking-your-guns-away-and/or-giving-away-free-phones-and-don't-forget-the-liberal-media e-mails.  So if you start seeing those, no MRWD has not become more senile, he is just slacking or taking the back seat to a bot posing as a person on Twitter or Facebook.

On to other news and I apologize in advance for the tirade; comments, comments comments.  Blogger seems to have the worst comment moderation.  As some of you might have noticed, I was away the past weekend and took down comment moderation, thinking a couple of days unsupervised would be fine.  I hadn't heard much from Mike Hawk (Manuel Noriega) for several weeks, but just like the ex that won't take no for an answer, he is constantly doing drive-bys, and leaving you crazy notes that don't make any sense.  He really does not go away, Mike really loves/misses you people, because he is still lurking around despite months of rejection.

Ideally I wouldn't like to have to do comment moderation.  To keep down the noise it would be awesome if I could just select a commenter and hit a block button and an algorithm just take those messages and tosses them, however that seems to be too much for Google/Blogger to handle.  Apparently the ownership is on the blog admin, they are suppose to mark the comments as "Spam", then at some point in time supposedly after a non-disclosed number of Spam tags, the commenter's comments will automatically be thrown in the Spam folder.  I have marked more than I can count of Mike's posts as spam, and blogger still publishes his jibbing nonsense.  He obviously has more free time than me or most others do to lurk around the site, so if anyone has any more insight into how to mitigate comments, please e-mail or drop a comment to me as it seems like a really big flaw in the current Russian spammer bot/post-fact world.

Well, keep up the good fight and keep them coming to


Assistant to the Curator, MRWD


charlie said...

You might want to consider moving your blog from the Blogger platform to Wordpress. Wordpress has more flexibility and has a lot of plugins to choose from that can handle comments.

Some moderation is always going to be required. It's easy to get rid of pharma spam, for instance, but the types of personal attacks that "Manuel Noriega" throws up are harder to thwart via algorithm, though easy to block via IP.

Avant Gardener said...

I've got some to FWD:.


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