Fwd: Hacked Files My Ass....


Anonymous said...

If you believe that Trump is less corrupt than Clinton, then you are blind & will never see.

I didn't vote for either in this election. Both were a horrible choice.

Time to realize the corruption in both parties, but while Rissiagate & Trumps tweets are reliably distracting everyone, Trump & his billionaire cronies are commencing some of the biggest plundering I've witnessed to date.

Where's your concern trolling about that? Or would you rather focus on stuff that maybe happened 30 years ago? Yet another distraction while the Robber Barons currently pick your pocket.

Anonymous said...

Hacked election or likeability? (McKee can't even spell correctly)

Both sides are at fault!

delagar said...

Yeah, Hillary's unlikable (which is why she won the popular vote by more than three million votes).

And Donald? Why, you could have a beer with him!

Anonymous said...

Trolls out in force today. Guess they realize that Trump is a treasonous failure who couldn't tell his ass from a giant hole in the ground. Naturally they fall back on their only defense: Hillary is bad.

CharlieE said...

I remember Hillary Clinton. She's the former Secretary of State who had a 65% approval rating when she left the State Department in 2013.

Her approval ratings fell significantly after the Right Wing media spent the next three years attacking her credibility 24 hours a day.

BTW- Where are all the similar cartoons about Colin Powell? You know - the former Secretary of State who used a private email server. He's the person who suggested that Hillary Clinton use one and then he proceeded to tell her how to set it up.

That guy. Where are his cartoons?

BTW - I hate, hate, hate ReCAPTCHA. There's no reason you should have to click your mouse up to 15 times to post a comment.

CharlieE said...

Both were a horrible choice.

No. One was a less than perfect choice. The other was the worst imaginable choice.

They weren't equal. They still aren't.

Anonymous said...

Links/sources please on this YUGE "plundering" you're witnessing.


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