Anonymous said...

'Both sides!'

Nope, not even remotely true.

Anonymous said...

That's the best you got RWD? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

It's fairly obvious that 'religious crazy' is rightwing. There are no leftwing religions except Buddhism. And 'simply crazy' is also rightwing because 'simply'. Stupid people are naturally conservative. That's obvious to any rational person. That's why you hate colleges now.

Now cut the quarter pie slice for 'leftwing crazy' into a sliver of a quarter of an inch, and you're touching the sad reality.

It's always been you guys. What you can't reason, you murder.

ferschitz said...

Brought to you by the NRA and the gunz and ammo industries, who'll happily relieve you of any extra cash you have. Chump.

Anonymous said...

ONE Democratic voter commits a heinous act. ONE. Very regrettable. The cartoon adds fuel to the fire and does nothing to improve or resolve these types of dreadful acts. And the cartoon is a deliberately incendiary lie.

Wake up! This is about the 1% pitting us peons against each other in order to rob us blind.

M. Ray Crabbinson said...

"Know-it-all, highly educated idiots"

I don't think the first anonymous know what words mean.

Anonymous said...

he question must be asked: Do many liberals secretly wish that President Trump be assassinated? Sadly, the answer is: yes.

There is no other conclusion that can be drawn. Take the latest anti-Trump leftist outrage. In New York City, liberals in the theater have added a perverse twist to their long-running series, “Shakespeare in the Park.” In an adaptation of Julius Caesar, the role of Caesar is played by an actor who strongly resembles Trump—the distinctive blonde hairstyle, the long red tie and power business suit. Caesar’s wife, Calpurnia, is played by someone who is supposed to be Melania Trump, which includes a thick Slavic accent. In the pivotal scene of Caesar’s murder, the Trump character is repeatedly stabbed to death by minorities (most of whom are black) and women.

The implicit message is clear: Trump, like Caesar, is a tyrant who poses a mortal threat to our republic and must be killed. In other words, a major theater company is producing a play in Central Park that depicts the president being gruesomely murdered on stage. At best, the “assassination play” is in very poor taste. This is why Delta Airlines and Bank of America have withdrawn their sponsorships.

Yet, liberals are not only defending it. They are celebrating it. The New York Times insists it will continue to sponsor the play, arguing it is about the right to “freedom of speech.” CNN host Fareed Zakaria—an admitted serial plagiarist—calls it a “masterpiece” for the “Trump era.” His employer, Time-Warner, is also a sponsor.

The irony, however, is that the New York Times and CNN sang a very different tune during the Obama years. They led the media charge demanding that a rodeo clown be fired simply for wearing an Obama mask. For liberal elites, to mock Obama was grounds for social ostracism; to call for the murder of Trump is a sign of heroic “resistance.” Zakaria should be fired. The NYT and CNN should be boycotted.

Anonymous said...


Who the hell is Mike?

delagar said...

Funny how RWD didn't care about any sort of Shakespeare play before Fox News told him to be upset about this one.

Funny how RWD never noticed when this specific play by Shakespeare was performed -- during the Obama years -- with a black actor as Caesar, one who was obviously played as Obama.

Same thing turning Bush's years, by the way -- Julius Caesar was performed with Caesar being played by an actor who was meant to seem like GW Bush.

Funny how RWD never got upset during the Obama years at the actual speech (from the Right) which called for Obama to be lynched, shot, and otherwise assassinated.

It's almost like RWD is a massively ignorant know-nothing who can only repeat what his masters tell him to believe.

Anonymous said...

Oh FFS. Absolutely no one on the left wants Trump assassinated. Get a clue. Delagar highlights the other Julius Caesar plays during other Pres admins. These kinds of contemporary portrayals of Julius Caesar have been produced since Shakespeare wrote the play.

I recall MANY depictions of Obama lunched in effigy. Where oh where was RWD's concern about that? I'll tell you where: standing right under the effigy shouting "Yeah!!"

Stop projecting your violent tendencies on the left.

Anonymous said...

GW Bush lied about WMD and hundreds of thousands of people died. Yet no War Crimes trials for Bush, Cheney & their henchmen either. Funny thing. Conservatives get their panties inna bunch vis Obama but not Bush. Why?

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