MRWD Housekeeping Post for Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Greetings from MRWD HQ.

I apologize, as I stated in a previous update, I was attempting to cut down on the noise on the blog.  Some of the commenters advocated that I “ban” certain people that were trolling/sockpuppeting on the comments.  

Dave and I both talked about it, but doing so would mean that we would have to eliminate the ability to comment anonymously.  I really like the comments that anonymous users have posted up, and I resolved to stay on top of the comments and remove the ones that were obviously trolling.

Although deleting comments was fun and amusing, lately, I’ve been pretty busy and have not had the time to check in as often as I would like.  

What that has led to is a handful of interesting comments and what seems to be random noise.  Currently, with a heavy heart, I removed the anonymous comments.  I apologize if this is an inconvenience to any of you out there. I have thought to myself that the noise on the site is an accurate reflection of the current political times that we reside in.  

Thoughts? Any other suggestions?

Thanks again, and please keep 'em coming to,

Assistant to the Curator, MRWD


delagar said...

Hi, Randall,

I think you're handling the troll problem well.

It's annoying to read some of the hateful comments -- especially the racist and sexist ones -- but as you say, banning non-trolls who wish to stay anonymous would ban those who wish to comment without being identified.

And as someone who was followed back to my workplace and my own blog by one of the trolls, I can certainly understand the desire not to be identified.

Thanks for all the work you do!


Avant Gardener said...

My name is Dave and I approve this message.

Sorry I have been so incommunicado as of late, but things have happened in my life that took me out of my MRWD routine. I love what Randall is doing with the site.

Thanks for all you do, everyone!


Randall said...

I don’t really mind people disagreeing or having honest arguments about politics, however people shouting random nonsense insults, or better yet activity stalking people that post on some random blog I find strange and disturbing.

Personally I have only a finite amount of free time and have a lot of other things to do than Facebook stalk random people on the internet.

delagar said...

"Personally I have only a finite amount of free time and have a lot of other things to do than Facebook stalk random people on the internet."

Yes, this!

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