Mr_Creosote said...

Talk about sore winners....

You people ( and I mean "you people" in the same pejorative sense cons use ) are too much for Hollywood.

You have the house, and the senate. You can't blame "libruls" for the present administration's failing "to make America great again". You bought ( and so did I, to a degree ) the faux-populist message promising to arrest the "free trade" scourge. The establishment of Dems and Reps both pooh-poohed his populistic rhetoric and his VP is a classic fundie neocon nutjob.

Faced with this obvious cognitive dissonance, RWD resorts to bullshit identity politics to brush aside the fact they've been had.

ferschitz said...

I agree that the Media sucks, but who stunk up the room? Most of the media is owned by wealthy 1percenters who've spent the past 40 years pandering directly to RWD with the worst of identity politics. I agree that the Media's done a pretty sucky job "reporting" on Trump and overly focusing on Russiagate - while hardly "reporting" at all on what Congress is doing. It's outrageous.

But where, oh where, were you RWD to complain about similar press treatment of the Obama Admin? OH yeah, you didn't complain because you enjoyed it when the media dissed Obama and presented all of his programs in a negative light. Now that the shoe's on the other foot, you don't like it.

Wake up and smell the d*mn coffee, RWD. You are peon. So are the so-called "libtards," who you've been CONNED into believing are your utter bounden enemies... all while you're being utterly ripped off by your 1% Lords and Masters, who INDULGE you in you juvenile racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, hateful identity politics.

Hope you enjoy being an out loud racist jerk because that's ALL you're gonna get from the Trump Admin. Face it, RWD: Trump's just not into you.

Trump ran for office solely and only to make boatloads of money for himself (first and foremost) and his family (secondarily). Trump could give a crap about you and your lousy little life.

But hey: keep blaming some "Other" - whether it's the d*mn LIEbruls or the media or minorities or women or gays or whomever else you can find to be mad at today - while the 1% laughs their azzes off at what a gullible rube you are and how easy it is to rip you off.

delagar said...

RWD loves to whine. Maybe he should get up off of that sofa, turn off Fox News, and get a real job.

Sopermon said...

What is a real job? As long as it's legal and leads to earned income, a job is a job is a job.

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