Fw: Our arrogance as a nation.

Subject: Our arrogance as a nation.

How about showing this to your children and grand children.  Don't miss the comments at the end.

"Our European arrogance"
In alphabetical order

1. The American Cemetery at Aisne-Marne, France... A total of 2289 

2. The American Cemetery at Ardennes, Belgium.. A total of 5329 

3. The American Cemetery at Brittany, France.. A total of 4410 

4. Brookwood, England - American Cemetery... A total of 468 

5. Cambridge, England... A total of 3812 

6. Epinal, France - American Cemetery.. A total of 5525 

7. Flanders Field, Belgium... A total of 368 

8. Florence, Italy... A total of 4402 

9. Henri-Chapelle, Belgium... A total of 7992 

10. Lorraine , France... A total of 10,489 

11 . Luxembourg, Luxembourg... A total of 5076 

12. Meuse-Argonne... A total of 14246 

13 . Netherlands, Netherlands... A total of 8301 

14. Normandy, France... A total of 9387 

15. Oise-Aisne, France... A total of 6012 

16. Rhone, France... A total of 861 

17. Sicily, Italy... A total of 7861 

18. Somme, France... A total of 1844 

19. St. Mihiel, France... A total of 4153 

20. Suresnes, France... A total of 1541 

Apologize to no one. 
Remind those of our sacrifice and don't Confuse arrogance with leadership.

The count is 104,366Dead, brave Americans. 

And we had to watch Obama an American elected leader who 
Apologized to Europe and the Middle East that our country is "arrogant"!




Americans, forward it!

Non-patriotic,delete it!

Most of the protected don't understand it.





Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed Bob.

This is a powerful story in history. Only a few Americans are alive now who lived in those times.

I would guess that a lot of today's college students are not aware of these places, or how they happened.

Sad commentary.

And if you think that the Japs need an apology for the 100,000+ lost lives at Hiroshima and Nagasaki then think
of the 1,000,000 Americans who were ready offshore to invade Japan the next day and their possible fate...including
my Dad (rip). He was actually at an airbase in France waiting to see what was going to be next, but when they heard
that the bombs had been dropped, he and his buddies knew they were on their way back home.

But just think of how many of us would even be here in that case if the bombs had not been dropped???

And if that doesn't cause a sexual sensation down Chris Matthew's leg, then let us consider the 14 MILLION raped or
murdered Chinese at Nan-King, China by the Japs from 1933-1943...

Now doesn't that make your pink eye, blue??

Anonymous said...

You racist fuck.

All that ever had to be done was to notify the IJA general staff that a WMD will be dropped off the coast at time/place, come watch, and then do it. War over. The war was over anyways, the bombs were dropped to intimidate the USSR, not defeat an already slaughtered Japan.

Nothing can justify frying hundreds of thousands of women and children with not one, but two atomic weapons.

Anonymous said...

By this logic Russia should never apologize for anything, ever, as they lost 20 million people fighting those same enemies.

ferschitz said...

There's a radical disconnect between what the USA did during WWII and Obama apologizing to the ME for our arrogance. What the USA did in the European Theatre during WWII has nothing whatsoever to do with the death and destruction we've rained down on the ME, especially over the past 2 decades.

As usual, get a grip and grab a clue about history and the USA's out of control imperialism run amok.

Yes, we fought hard battles in WWII. We deserve praise and recognition for it, which we GET. WHO, exactly, is not honoring us for that? Notice those very moving cemeteries in the photos.

The ME is a whole different ball game, a different area of the world, and nothing we've done there lately has been for their benefit.

And before anyone wants to start whining about Sept 11 and Osama bin Laden, let me hasten to point out that those who flew the airplanes were trained by our "loyal friends" and big Trump benefactor, the wahabi Saudi Arabians.

So cry me a river about WWII, but per usual, RWD's ignorance is on display.

CharlieE said...

...as though modern Republicans have anything in common with the average American from the 1940s.

History will be kind to President Obama. It will be less kind to the early 21st century Republican Party.

s said...

To the second anonymous comment: You are exactly right. Yes we should have used the bomb to shorten the war and save lives on both sides, but it did not have to be dropped on civilians. The two cities were destroyed to alert the Soviet Union that we had the capability.

Anonymous said...

Randall and Dave should work and live in Russia where there's media censorship and no freedom of speech. Bunch of censoring and deleting hypocritical liberals. Are you guys Cal-Berkeley alums, or just alums of your local technical college. Couple of fucking ass clowns who don't practice what you preach.

CharlieE said...


Yet another Constitution-loving Republican who has no idea what the First Amendment says or means.

You have no freedom of speech here; this is a private forum and comments may be deleted for any reason at any time by the site owner or allowed to stand, as he sees fit.

Believe it or not, this site is not about you.

Randall said...

Tears from the troll? I cannot stop laughing! Thanks to all that submit and comment, all of you make my day! :)

Anonymous said...

Conservative war-porn.

A couple weeks ago I got this email from a Reich-wing friend of an article written about a formerly reluctant well-off father who tried to discourage his youngest son from joining the Marine Corps, and then, at the son's graduation from boot camp, changing his mind. And then he wondered why it was that the well-off consistently do not have sons who did what his son did. Where's the love of country? Where's the shared sacrifice? The questions he would ask to whomever came up with this dreck!

The article was penned - in 2002, about his son who enlisted in 1999. When Clinton was president. And the author was Frank Schaefer, the son of a theological ROYALTY, and a committed Republican until the mid 1980s when he left the Religious Reich, "...after I realized just how very anti-American they are," and after he described himself as a “survivor” of growing up in an evangelical/fundamentalist home. He abandoned the Evangelical Reich and now makes a living denouncing evangelical Christianity and those who practice it.


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