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Anonymous said...

Three of the last five entries are McKee comics.

Not as bad as McCoy or Ramirez, but still.

Anonymous said...

Funny, under the Trump budget there won't be any museums left. Except maybe one of those "caveman rode dinosaurs because creationism is real" museums.

delagar said...

RWD has been whining about Hillary for what, 40 years now? Is he ever going to get over this?

CharlieE said...

Yep. We'd have no Russia investigation, which is likely to take the POTUS and the VP down.

We'd still be part of the Paris climate agreement.

Our allies wouldn't be quite so suspicious of us as they are at the moment.

The Dow would likely be about where it is now.

On the downside, we'd have Republicans in Congress blocking all of Hillary's proposed legislation, including the bills they actually like, because Republicans will no longer permit a Democratic President to govern.

We'll survive this. Sixty million people voted for a man who told them their wages are too high. They're owed lower pay, and I hope they get it.

Sopermon said...

That was funny CharlieE.

The majority of millionaires voted for Trump, as did the larger % of Catholics in this country.

Too bad the African-American voting bloc didn't come out in droves to vote for Hillary; they abandoned her. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders' extreme leftwing nutties not voting for Hillary was simply the icing on the cake.

And those are the facts, Jack.

From the Congressional elections in SC and GA (both won by Republicans), it appears that there certainly was no referendum on the Trump administration.

Take your licks like a man and get your Party's act together for the midterms.

Pelosi must go.

ferschitz said...

To Soperman: I'm not sure how your facts (some accurate, some not) contradict what CharlieE said. Whatever.

Vis the majority of millionaires voting for Trump? Most likely. And so, what's your point? Trump ran as this ersazt "populist," who allegedly was all in for supporting the white working class, and allegedly Trump was going to "take care of them" and get them jobs and improve their health care, etc.

So millionaires and white working class people voted for Trump, and who benefits? Why, no surprise: the millionaires who'll get a giant sucking tax cut, while the white working class is going to get screwed over by Trump. Trump told his white working class voters that he'd drain the swamp in Wash DC, which would've been nice. What did he do instead? After dissing Clinton for being too cozy with Wall St, Trump immediately filled his cabinet with some of the most predatory Wall Streeters & Bankers around. Yeah, that'll show Clinton who's "better" for the commoners.

Yes, the Congressional elections in SC, MT and GA went Republican, which wasn't huge surprise.

I agree with getting rid of Pelosi. She's awful. But I fail to see how Handel is any better.

Frankly both parties stink, and neither is doing anything beneficial for the average Joes and Janes in this country.

You might want to consider your tribal identity and whether it's worth it, especially as you watch your taxes increase, your health care diminish subtstantially, while the Republicans take away the Medicare and Social Security that you've paid into.

Just saying...

Anonymous said...

I've never seen poor and lower-middle class people actually create jobs. Yes, a handful have, but the vast majority are extremely reliant on their gubmint cheese.

I believe in less government and keep pounding with your own self-drive in order to get ahead in life. Government should never be in the business of creating jobs.

Just my two cents worth.

Anonymous said...

Then you have zero understanding of why the New Deal was AWESOME for the US, and why the middle class, which NEVER EXISTED PRIOR TO FDR, flourished. There's reason that the conservative agenda is to activley destroy all New Deal legislation. They hte it because it levels the playing field.

You can't self-drive when the deck is stacked against you, fool.

The government is by the people, for the people. Conservatives want to destroy government. They hate rule of law.

Corporations are by the board of directors and for the board of directors. Period. You aren't even a blip on their radar.

Read a fucking book and stop watching FOX.

Anonymous said...

The New Deal did serve its purpose at the time.

However, it is now 2017.

I'm an avid reader and I do not have cable TV.

Anonymous said...

That's a ridiculous assertion.

'The New Deal principles can't work because it's 2017. '

Based on what, asshole?

ferschitz said...

I've never seen poor and lower-middle class people actually create jobs. Yes, a handful have, but the vast majority are extremely reliant on their gubmint cheese.

I know a lot of small business people, who are possibly considered lower-middle class, and they employ more then themselves. I'm talking about those who run gardening/property maintenance businesses, construction people, and the like.

That said, this rightwing obsession that simply EVERYONE has to be a business owner is, frankly, puzzling (to be kind). WHY is EVERYONE supposed to create and own a business? Who is supposed to work in the business?

Why is it that someone who is working or lower-middle class "reliant on government cheese"? This is a complete fallacy. Many citizens in that category accept no government support. Frankly, those who are most reliant on "government cheese" are the giant corporations, who get endless tax breaks, tax loopholes and tax incentives - to the point where they often pay NO Taxes. The others most reliant on the government are the super wealthy, who also get incredible tax breaks, get the tax code written specifically for them, etc.

Wake up. You're so in love with your rightwing talking points that you're being totally ripped off by the very people that you're kissing up to, while punching down on people who are actually paying their way.

I believe in less government and keep pounding with your own self-drive in order to get ahead in life. Government should never be in the business of creating jobs.

If ONLY the super wealthy and the big corporations actually believed in less government and "pounding their onw self-drive," our nation would be in a better state. However, mega-rich people, like the Koch Brothers, only believe in getting the government to enact vast wealth transfers to them.

Wake up and smell the coffee. You're being ripped off by the very people you so vainly want to suck up to. Believe me, they're NOT into you at all.

Hooray4US said...

Funny. At least 2 conservative commenters here appear to dismiss the working and lower-middle class as worthless and beneath notice. Yet the leader of the Republican Party ran on a "populist" platform promising to create jobs for the working class.

The cognitive dissonance amongst conservatives continues.

What are you for? Millionaires and up only? The "economically anxious" WHITE working class?

Buehler? Buehler???


Anonymous said...

I'm loving watching the Libs twisting and filling their diapers with their Liberal scat.
No wonder they suffer from diaper rash.

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