Obama Legacy Global Warming


Anonymous said...

Why would the polar bears be "good" given the current situation? Give me a fucking break RWD. Just because the bears are white doesn't mean they are racists like the rest of you idiots.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Trump really showed the world, alright.

What a petty, spiteful buffoon he is.

CharlieE said...

RWD cheers every time the Current Occupant undoes something done by his predecessor.

That's their benchmark for success. They've got nothing else.

Anonymous said...

POLAR BEAR: "Good riddance to the guy who ate dog meat; and bye-bye to his so-called legacy"...

ferschitz said...

This is a really good lesson in rightwing propaganda. As others have noted, this is about punching Obama and the horrible Libtards, and nothing else.

Pretending that the White Polar Bears will be "good," as the Arctic ice continues to melt rapidly - proven endlessly in photos and videos - is totally engaging in the magical thinking so heavily promoted across the "heartland" on Hate Radio, Fox & "Christiany" broadcasting.

I'm not Obama's biggest fan, and I was upset that he dillied and dallied around before signing the Paris accord - and not making it binding so that something like Trump could happen. But my goal is NOT to see that my "team" "wins" or something. My goal is that we live on a planet that sustainable.

All RWD cares about is own nasty white pasty azz. He clearly could give a flying f*ck about his kids or grandkids, but we've seen evidence of that before.

Oh well. As climate change continues to happen, and the air becomes unbreathable, the water undrinkable, famines happening, I guess RWD can cling to his guns and be "happy" that he "showed" Obama... or something.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the troll has quietly slinked back.

Anonymous said...

@Anon troll

Ya, I'm sure polar bears love the Trump family. The family that kills trophy animals for sport in canned hunts and then poses like fucking idiots with the carcasses.

That's way worse than eating a type of meat as a child that a large part of the world population eats.

Anonymous said...

The planet Earth was not designed to last forever. Get over it, liberals.

Anonymous said...

So... rather than do something to combat our demise, we should just embrace them? Sounds like a solid plan the conservatives have. The important thing is we shouldn't have to do anything to change, that would be utter chaos.

Hooray4US said...

Links, please, for where you know Planet Earth wasn't designed to last forever? Links, also, for where it's indicated that imminent demise is baked into the design??

FFS. This is classic red meat tossed to the base.

"[Trump] was thrusting the United States into the role of global renegade, rejecting not only the scientific consensus about climate but the international consensus for action, joining only Syria and Nicaragua (which wanted an even greener deal) in refusing to help the community of nations address a planetary problem. Congress doesn’t seem willing to pay for Trump’s border wall—and Mexico certainly isn’t—so rejecting the Paris deal was an easier way to express his Fortress America themes without having to pass legislation."
Michael Grunwald in Politico

Trump cannot and will not be able to do all the lavish things he promised his base. Frankly, I doubt that he gives a sh*t bc he always said he was ginning up the base to get their votes.

So this is just an EFF you to Libtards that his brainwashed base can rally around and feel like they really "showed" the LIEbruls... just like we see happening here.

Well when you and kids begin to suffer because of this benighted stupidity - and you STILL don't have a job, nor do you have anything resembling health care, and there's a famine, and you can't drink the water without purifying it, but you don't have a way to do that - just remember to feel SO GOOD that you got say EFF YOU to Obama and the Libtards. Guess that'll make a difference... Not.

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link from that Liberal organization called the DOD.

DoD Releases Report on Security Implications of Climate Change

It discusses how climate change can and will disrupt global security.

In addition here is another article:
Military Leaders Urge Trump to See Climate as a Security Threat

It seems like Republicans should be trumpeting this stuff down the street with random blonde talking heads on Fox regurgitating it every 5 minutes, given all their military worship.

But who wants to hear about that when you have fake DNC death conspiracies to publish: Fox News retracts unfounded story about DNC staffer's death

blaney said...

It's all about making Trump's favorite uneducateds feel superior because they beat libtards.

Well enjoy your pyrrhic victory while you can. For the most part, it's Trump's fan base who'll suffer more under Trump than Democratic voters. So: good for you for screwing yourselves.

Anonymous said...



delagar said...

Here's what AnonaTroll doesn't seem to grasp -- probably because their grasp of science is weak: Planet Earth is going to be fine. It survived getting slammed with an asteroid 65 million years ago; it will survive humans pumping CO2 into the atmosphere, killing off species and destroying habitats.

Now whether *humans* can survive on the new Earth we're creating; or whether an advanced civilization of humans can; or whether we are headed for massive wars, plagues, giant storms, and an immense human and ecological die-off... Well, all of those remain to be seen.

But hey! RWD got to piss off some liberals, and Trump got to make himself and his rich friends richer. Eyes on the prize, here.

Anonymous said...

Life on Earth isn't forever, SO LET'S HASTEN ITS DEMISE.

Do you see why we don't respect you? Well, no, of course not. If you could realize how stupid you were, you wouldn't be conservatives.

Anonymous said...

It's no longer amazing to realize that conservatives have a suicidal/homicidal death wish if only it means that liberals get screwed over somehow. The ultimate in shooting yourself in the foot, or really in this case shooting yourselves in the head.

Anonymous said...


What conservatives want.

What liberlas have been fighting all their lives against.

Hey...rightwingdad, we're the good guys. The bad guys hate us for a reason. And the reason is, we're the good guys, we fight for you even though you hate us. Don't fall for their shit.

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