Fw: What's Wrong with Socialism?


Ver este video para saber lo que produce en un pais gobernado por el SOCIALIS MISMO....

Watch this video to see  What's Wrong with Socialism?

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We’ve read and watched the news of Venezuelan society collapsing under the weight of socialism. But how bad is it really? Thanks to documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz, we can see firsthand the suffering of the Venezuelan people. We’re proud to partner with Ami and bring you this short film of his harrowing trip to Venezuela. Send it to anyone you know who thinks socialism is what America is missing.

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Anonymous said...

Ami Horowitz is a paid provocateur, so distortion is to be expected.

What's happening in Venezuela isn't socialism, per se. The socialist thinker Hal Draper posited that there are two types of Socialism, 'socialism' from above, meaning the agenda is imposed by a stratified bureaucracy (which is always doomed to failure sooner or later), and socialism from below, where the proletariat rise up and drive the process themselves. This is the socialism Marx envisioned.

The Maduro government is the opposite of Hugo Chavez' vision of worker-driven socialism, Maduro even calls it 'a new vision'. Unfortunately for the Venezuelan people, it is utterly corrupt and is squeezing the poor and middle class.

Sound familiar?

ferschitz said...

Propaganda to gull RWD into believing that ALL forms of "socialism" are horrible and will lead to RWD having a terrible life. Like how we cannot have a Single Payer health care system, despite how well it works in many countries globally, bc: SOCIALISM!!!11!!!

On top of which, like with Cuba, Uncle Sam has made sure to make Venezuela suffer via various means because the people there had the temerity to vote in a socialist govt. We simply cannot allow that to happen without making sure those people PAY for that.

Social welfare is not for the poorz. Socialism in only for the rich and the corporations.

Anonymous said...

Capitalists hate socialists for the simple reason that they do not want to share their toys. Normal children learn to share by 7 or 8. The one percenters never reached that stage of development.

delagar said...

"Prager U" is about as reliable as the Daily Mail.

This is at the root of many of our problems as a nation -- too many of our citizens have never been taught to evaluate sources. They'll believe trash propaganda as easily as they would believe (okay, more easily than they would believe) a peer-reviewed article in a trustworthy journal.

Sopermon said...

Single-payer healthcare system will not work in a country 300 million plus.

Anonymous said...

@ sopermon: That's a ridiculous assertion.

China, Russia, and India all have universal health care. We are the only developed nation in the world that does not -- because we're an oligarchy. The insurance and big pharma companies spend millions every year to catapult that shit and you swallow it and regurgitate it.

Hooray4US said...

Why, specifically, won't Single Payer work in a country of over 300 million?

Where's the credible link explaining this?

Given that it's working in country's like China and India, it's pretty ridiculous to state that it cannot work in the USA... other than conservatives have agreed to be screwed over and over and over again by the Plutocrats and the Big Corporations.

But where's the link?? Show me.

Anonymous said...

The U.S. already has a single payer health care system. It is only accessible by those over the age of 65. As ironic as it may be, that demographic is the most expensive to insure. Now imagine if it were to be extended to all Americans, oh the horror!

Anonymous said...

Medicare is working fine, other than that Trump and his Libertarian buddies, like Paul Ryan, want to gut and cut it so that they can give giant tax cuts to the already super wealthy and to the corporations that are essentially not paying taxes right now.

Look at Kansas if you want to see what happens when taxes for the wealthy are cut to the bone. Sure, then all kinds of services go to hell in a handbasket.

The only reason why Single Payer wouldn't work is if it's starved to death by cutting taxes further to the mega-wealthy. There's no other reason why it wouldn't work.

And yes, generally older people have higher medical costs. Younger people would mostly have lower costs. And so... ??

Sopermon said...



Sopermon said...

But in China and India you have such a low standard of living that the majority of those country's citizrns are struggling to just eat and fight illnesses like malaria, tuberculosis, dengue...etc. The hospitals and healthcare that they do get is totally substandard to that of the USA.

This is a fantastic article about a dude from Finland that moved to the USA. Healthcare is apparently not what it's all cracked up to be in Finland.


BTW - I'm waiting for all you know-it-alls to slam my Cato Institute source.
It's actually very informative and FACT filled.

Anonymous said...

Newsweek & Cato Institute? ONE Finish dude disliked Finland's health care? Wow. I'm so convinced that the USA has the best high cost health insurance system in the world.

Try pulling the other leg. Maybe you'll get lucky.

delagar said...

"BTW - I'm waiting for all you know-it-alls to slam my Cato Institute source."

Sure, no problem. Cato Institute is a Far-Right think tank funded by the Koch Brothers. They say whatever their masters tell them to say -- but their main focus is "downsizing" the government.

By "downsizing," of course, they mean making sure no one who isn't a billionaire derives any benefit from the taxes they pay, while also making absolutely sure the Koch brothers, and those who are as rich and powerful as the Koch brothers, can loot the country to their hearts' content.

As for "fact-filled," please. Learn to evaluate a source.

Anonymous said...

Given that the return on capital consistently outstrips growth, the lack of any overarching policy to direct wealth back downwards amounts to a policy of directing wealth upwards.

Sopermon said...


Anonymous said...

The Cato Institute, what a laugh. Their mission statement is to catapult bullshit for the wealthy.

Single-payer works. You're against better health care for every person because...?

I'd follow the money, that's always the safe bet when someone votes against everyone else's welfare.

You must be a climate-change denier, too.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw "Prager U" (as in Dennis) I knew it was bullshit and refused to watch it.


Anonymous said...

Very last sentence from the Newsweek link Sopermon provided, a Canadian on their health-care system:

"So we're better than The United States, but should we really aim so low?"

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