delagar said...

Well, I'll hand it to RWD -- this one has a sliver of legitimacy, given how many "Christians" from this country have been involved in terrorist attacks against our own citizens.

If the Christians don't start policing their own religion, and calling out the Radical Christian churches that are radicalizing their own members, the perception of the Christian church as a force for good in this country may well be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

So terrorism is a giant rat? With a burning tail? If only. Poor RWD, his worldview is so simplistic. If terrorists really were so easy to spot maybe some of the things he believes about fighting terrorism would make sense.

Anonymous said...



ferschitz said...

Good comments. However, I really don't get what this is even supposed to mean?

1. Are we supposed to see RWD's "usual suspects" - the dirty Moozlinz - as giant black rats with burning tails running to blow up or burn down "Christiany" Churches?? Aka, the Anti-Sharia Marches that occurred this past weekend? Whereby I think (but who knows; it's all so non-factual) the Anti-Sharia demonstrators were afraid that Sharia law is "taking over" in the USA, and then, somehow Christian churches are "under attack"??? Is that what the rat stands for?


2. Does the giant rat symbolize crazed white male Christian gun owners who attack people they don't like in churches? Like the assassination of Dr. George Tiller in his Luthern Church? Or Dylan Roof killing 9 church goers in SC? Or... take your pick of other church killings mainly by deranged white male, so-called "Christian," gun nuts?


3. This is just some weird depiction of the fictional fantasy land that Fox Viewers/Hate Radio Listeners/"Christiany" Broadcast viewers end up with after 24/7/365 brainwashing by these media outlets?

I haz a confused, and I think I'm glad that I do. I really don't get this one at all.

Sopermon said...

I think this editorial cartoon is based on the Christian church bombings in Egypt carried out by shithead Muslim terrorists during Palm Sunday services.


Fuck those assholes bombing Christians inside their own churches.

Any of you posters on here condone these acts of terror? Stop defending the indefensible.

Anonymous said...

Who said anyone here would defend something like that - the bombings in Egypt. Why put words in anyone's mouth? That's your projection, not what anyone here agreed with or defended.

IF that's even what this "cartoon" is even about. It's certainly not clear to me that it is. Even if so, it's an odd way to depict the incident.

Get off your high horse & actually read the comments instead of having a knee jerk reaction that's doesn't relate to what others said.

Anonymous said...

How many Christians have attacked Muslim mosques throughout the world?

No knee jerk reaction. Just counterpoints to the twisted minds of supposedly adult liberals.

Anonymous said...

How many white Christian fascists have attacked black Christian churches in the United States?

No knee jerk reaction. Just counterpoint to the twisted minds of of supposedly Christian conservatives.

Hey, this is easy!

Anonymous said...

There have been Christian attacks on Mosques throughout the world, so what's your point?

The USA has been stone cold drone killing Muslims in many countries including women & kids attending weddings & funerals.

What's your point?

ferschitz said...

Muslim Mosques attacked in US and Canada

Violence against Muslims

Violence against Muslim Mosques reach new highs

Teh googler is your friend. These are the fist three articles I came up with via a very simplistic search. Such specious crap that "only" Christian churches are attacked by Muslims, whilst Mosques are never attacked by Christians.

Geez, this goes back to the crusades.

Stop listening to Fox and Hate Radio for a few days and check into reality.

Anonymous said...

"Stop defending the indefensible."

Concern trolling at its finest. You've been taking lessons, I see.

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